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Appellate Attorney Resume

Job Description

In general the court cases do not end with the verdicts at the District Court level and the affected party has the right to go for appeal in higher courts. The main function of the appellate attorney is to handle these types of appeals in the higher courts. If the appellate court decides that the defendant did not receive a fair deal in lower court, the higher courts may order a re-trial of the case.

If the defendant further appeals for appellate review, again the appellate attorney has the responsibility to handle the cases in the appellate review court. He or she has to collaborate and work with various law enforcing agencies. The appellate attorney has to appear for cases in Supreme Court and appeals courts.

He or she also has the responsibility to mentor, instruct, and guide the junior staff regarding court and legal procedures. Further, the attorney has to interact with several departments in order to identify their legal requirements.

Kenneth E
1771, Collins Avenue
Dublin OH-43017
Phone: 614-790-6463

Career Objective

I am looking for a position of an appellate attorney in a business organization to show my skills and experience.

Skills Possessed

  • I have eight years of industry specific experience in dealing with corporate clients.
  • I have excellent communication, convincing, and negotiating skills.
  • I have extensive knowledge of law practices and am aware of procedures thereof.
  • I have good knowledge in computer applications and maintain the details of the dealings regarding legal documentation by creating a database for future references.

Work Experience

I am working as an appellate attorney in Johnson's Organization in Ohio from January, 2007 to till date and my responsibilities are explained below.

  • I am responsible for preparing case materials for trials such as discussion with the clients, collection of evidences and relevant records, discovery plan and opposing substantive motions.
  • I am responsible for conducting, business, intellectual property and contract for litigation.
  • I am looking after the trials connected with public utility, environmental problems, general business, and appellate litigations.
  • I have supervised many criminal investigations and given training to the junior attorneys in this regard.
  • I am in charge of the administration of the company and maintain perfect records on the legal suits filed and handled by the company.

Earlier, I had worked as an attorney in XYZ Corporation in Ohio from the year 2003 to 2006 and had dealt with the following duties and responsibilities.

  • I had dealt with all legal related business dealings and represented the organization in the court.
  • I had worked and co-operated with the senior attorney of the organization for various prosecution purposes connected with diversified cases.
  • I had appeared and argued in more than forty cases in the Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Courts.
  • Whenever necessary, I had hired attorneys on contract basis and performed all aspects of litigation practice.
  • I had guided the deputy attorney in looking after the day to day functioning of the corporation.

Educational Qualifications

I have a Master's degree in Law from a University in Ohio.
I also possess an Associate Law Degree from the same University in Ohio.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science obtained from an arts college in Ohio.


I am a member of the Bar Association of Ohio.


Professional and legal references are available and will be submitted on demand.

One may be a highly qualified and technically sound person and these qualities cannot be reflected in job seeking applications, but a well prepared resume can speak of your qualities, skills, and qualifications. One must realize that the resume alone will not win you a job, but it depends on many factors like networking skills, performance in the interview, etc.

An appellate attorney resume is the gateway to get you a chance for an interview call from your prospective employer wherein you can prove your talents. The importance of appellate attorney resume lies with the fact how you present your skills, qualifications, and experience in an organized manner.

While explaining the details of an appellate attorney resume, you have to highlight about the values you can add to the business of the employer and the resume should be tailored so as to reflect the requirements of the employment to which you are looking for. The employers will always like to recruit employees, who can contribute a lot to the improvement of their businesses.

You are not expected to use long paragraphs to explain your skills and experience, but give them as bullet points. The hiring managers would not like to go through long and detailed resumes, as their busy schedule will not permit them to do so. It is, therefore, emphasized that you make known your achievements in short form of resume to induce the recruiters to review your resumes in full. A well designed resume alone can earn you an interview call, which is the foremost aim of submitting a resume.

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