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Talent Agent Resume

A talent agent resume is written by a person who is looking for a job of managing PR related jobs for the clients - mainly the actors and extras involved in a movie shoot, theater drama, etc. or authors, directors, and musicians.

His main job is to seek talented people whom he could promote in the industry, thus making money with the fees for himself. He is a professional who has well-knit connections in the industry and can get the work done for his clients. For his professional needs, he spends a large chunk of his time in watching theater plays and music performances in order to determine the people who have the potential and can become good clients for him.

A talent agent may be working independently or for an agency. In case of agency, he receives his base salary in addition to a certain percentage of the client's income, depending upon how much business that the client is making for the agency. In case, the agent is working alone, he gets a good commission on the talent's earning. Many a times, it is the talent who comes directly to the agent with the proposal, but this happens when the agent has a reputed image in the industry.

Following are some of the points that need to be kept in mind while writing a resume.

Objective Statement - This is the very first section in your resume under which you need to write in a crisp and to the point manner. Your professional objectives behind applying for the particular job in question should go in this section. Also, your objective statement should be in line with the company's objectives and mission statements, as this will give the recruiter a straight reason for hiring you.

Profile Summary - This section is written to indicate to the recruiter, your USP and other important highlights of your career. This section is dedicated to, any and all kinds of professional facts about you that could impress the recruiter and make him hire you.

Skills Summary - This section caters to the need of mentioning all the relevant skills that you have picked up during the course of your past experience and/or through your educational years. Using bullet points in this section is highly recommended. Along with the bullet points, you should keep the sentences short and to the point.

Work Experience - A very necessary part of any resume application is the work experience section, which helps you in stating all your professional experience along with the company's name, your designation, time period of your employment, and important duties that you took care of. Write this in a reverse chronological order, starting from the latest and moving to the earliest employment details.

Educational Qualifications - In a reverse chronological order, mention all your educational qualifications along with your college or university name and the year of passing.

Achievements - Mention your most impressive professional achievements till date.

References - You can add this section if the recruiting company asks for some references.

Here is a talent agent resume for your reference.

Hillary Cobb
123, Georgia Boulevard
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 422-8734

Objective Statement:

To work as a talent agent with your agency and by using my years of exceptional experience, represent the clients in the most professional and effective manner, thus bringing out fruitful results for all the parties involved.

Profile Summary:

  • 8 years of good experience in promoting talent in the film industry
  • Represented popular names namely, Andrew Nicole, Hal Vincent, James Broody, etc., till date
  • Worked for a diverse set of clients, ranging from actors to musicians to directors
  • Knowledge of the in and out of the business with strong industry contacts in the television, films, and news production industry
  • Motivated towards giving the best to all the clients

Skills Summary:

  • Excellent PR skills and ability to maintain good contacts in the industry
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Excelling interpersonal skills, thus facilitating well-knit relations with the industry biggies
  • Good managerial skills along with the ability to perform multitasking
  • Focused on in-depth planning and detailing

Work Experience:

AB Corps., New York, CA
Talent Manager

  • Managed famous film industry personalities such as J.D. Guisspin, Hal Vincent, and others
  • Organized many PR activities for promoting them, especially around their films' release dates
  • Maintained close relations with media houses and gave them inside scoops on the clients' activities after consulting the clients in complete unison

Violet-Com, CA
Client Manager

  • Managed various clients on a large scale including their PR activities
  • Coordinated with a team of 4 professionals and carried out various PR tasks, all on time and as per the plans
  • Worked with the clients in close association towards receiving better deals for them

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Business Administration (with specialization in PR), GK College of Management, CA | Batch of 2006
  • Bachelor's Degree in Arts, FS College of Arts, CA | Batch of 2004


(Mention some of your professional achievements here.)

This is how a talent agent resume is written. Review the sample portrayed here and help yourself in formulating a well designed resume for your application.

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