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A singer resume is written by person of singing artistic capabilities with the help of which he can produce such singing delights that could captivate the listeners and entertain on a wide level. This art of singing has evolved through many centuries of style and medium. In ancient times, it was performed to entertain kings and their companions. The singers were, for their good singing, rewarded with priceless jewels and gold. It was also treated as a source of coming in contact with one's spiritual side.

Today, the scenario has changed; people now sing to earn money. There has been a surge in singing and dancing academies that train people in such arts and make them professionals in their respective fields. Yes, it has become a full-time profession. Also, with recent events in the media and entertainment industry - the commencement of a number of countless reality talent hunt shows, singing has captured the frenzy of the entire nation. A singer, today, is not found singing at the courts of kings or in the kingdom streets; he is found in large music studios, television broadcasts, and live concerts, singing in front of millions of fans worldwide, either live or recorded.

With an increased professional touch in this kind of artistic activity too, it has become important to maintain a resume to apply for singing gigs. For this, you must first know about the proper flow and structure of a formal resume. Here are certain rules pertaining to this:

  • Take care of the format - There are various formats for writing a resume out there. But, choosing the one that suits you the best is a matter at your discretion. These formats can be chronological, functional, mixed/combination, and targeted. Each of these have a unique structure and certain specialty because of which they are chosen in individual cases. Your objective behind writing the resume and the kind of profile you have for sharing with the recruiters are the guiding pointers that help you to decide which format is to be chosen. You can read about them online
  • Be a good researcher - It is important that you read about the company on the Internet and come to know about its functioning, areas of interest, types of clientèle, and the kind of qualities that it expects the employees to possess. Based on such research, you will be able to write exactly the kind of resume which could impress the recruiter
  • Use resume samples to get the required guidance - Before writing a resume, one should check out its flow and the way to write it using the Internet. There are several sites which, with the help of resume samples, explain to you how to go about the process exactly. This will help you in a great deal
  • Always check the address and names - Whenever you write the company name and the name of the person concerned, always make sure that the spellings and the person's designation are correct. These small details are very important in the making of a good resume, as the recruiter won't stand any slackness in the details and overall quality of the resume
  • Divide it into sections - In order to help the reader to easily find relevant information in your resume, you should divide it into different sections such as work experience, objective statement, and educational background. This way, the reader can just skim through the headings and find the required information under such headings easily and quickly

Here, we have a resume sample for a better and more deeper understanding of effective resume writing.

Michael Arkin
41st Privet Drive
Lakewood, CA
(432) 601-0001


To sing as a playback artist for a leading record company and use my potential as a singer to fulfill the listeners' wishes.

Ensemble Performances

  • 2014 | The Talented Monk (played trio) with God Moth, Orange County, Illinois
  • 2013 | Channel M with Jerry Parisian and Highland Drifters, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 2012 | Two Buckets Full with Cheryl Brian and Conchita, Albany, New York
  • 2012 | Total Choir with Martha McAdams, Buffalo, New York
  • 2012 | Hallucinating Hal with Ian McShane, Chicago, Illinois
  • 2012 | Park Retreat (Dawson Jones Concert), Orange County, Illinois

Stage Performances

  • 2013 | Lost Highway with Moen Jovi, Chicago, Illinois
  • 2013 | Calvin Clock with Bruce Dagger and Shanon K., New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2012 | Green Day Concert with Moon Day, San Diego, California
  • 2012 | Green Day Concert with Moon Day, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • 2012 | Rock Concert with Boston Park, Kentucky, California, Massachusetts, New York


  • 2013 | I Am Love for Irish Records with Thomas Carte
  • 2012 | Turbulence Sweet for Irish Records and signed a 2 year contract during which recorded were several other songs such as John Says, Peace and Crackers, Miles To Go, and many more
  • 2012 | Signed a 1 year contract with M-Rec

Educational Background

  • 2012 | Professional Training in Western Classical Singing from New York Institute of Music, New York
  • 2010 | Bachelor's Degree in Arts, College of Fine Arts, New York

This is how a singer resume is written in an apt manner in order to impress the recruiter. The format used here is a professional resume format. This, among others, is the most unique resume format. It is used by people who want to highlight their significant measures of work until today. In a reverse chronological manner, starting from the latest and going back to the earliest, should your resume be formatted to mention about your work details, companies you have worked for, work done by you and your roles in the companies.

Here, in this sample, we have mentioned these details project wise in a reverse chronological manner, thus giving the reader an insight about the latest work that the candidate has been a part of. Also, the tips given at the beginning of this article are worth remembering for writing any kind of resume. If you want to write an outstanding resume with all the required basic elements in it then all these tips and a definite flow of information should be necessarily sticked to.

Wishing you the best for applying in studios for getting your desired singing gig.

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