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Senior Graphic Designer Resume

A senior graphic designer resume is written by an artist who is applying for a senior post in the graphic designing job profile and whose job it is to combine all the graphic art with the textual content in addition with any animation content if required to come up with artistically rich advertisement, movie content, or other kinds of designs for the client. These clients may be from the magazine, film, arts, advertisement, newspaper, or design journal industry. The work of such an individual includes showing up with catchy illustrations and graphics based on the client's brief and working towards incorporating any specific inputs in the artistic output while also making certain of the artistic aesthetics that his work can boast of. In the line of such duties, the applicant has to have the required working knowledge about specific computer software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, PageMaker, and InDesign and QuarkXpress.

With regards to his education, he can pursue a graphic designing course from any of the recognized universities in the United States. One could also go for an associate degree in art and design or a bachelor's degree or even better - a master's degree in fine arts, graphic design, or fashion design. All the companies with a requirement for a graphic artist would want to see at least a graduate degree mentioned in your resume.

This kind of work also involves various other related posts such as those related to web designing, where the job is to plan the entire layout with pictures and text for the complete website. For a job involving such kinds of responsibilities, the applicant must be good in programming languages such as XML and HTML, along with other programming scripts. In addition to this, there are even more kinds of graphic designing jobs - product package design, posters design, illustrations for ads, etc.

Most of the many duties of a graphic designer include an array of different responsibilities, including the most vital one - the responsibility to sell an idea to the client. He needs to have extremely good marketing skills, concepts, and designs to present to the clients. One can also do freelancing in this stream. Long hours of thinking, brainstorming, and finalizing the designs and concepts - all these jobs are done by the senior graphic designer.

For explaining the responsibilities and job profile in a better manner, here is a senior graphic designer resume sample with the entire resume format that needs to be used in such cases. This sample will explain you about the kind of flow, language, and length to be used.

Jeff Darabont
123, Mary Street
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 487-0211

Profile Summary:

  • 7 years of equality experience in graphic designing carried out for many popular clients
  • Proficient working knowledge of operating systems such as Mac, Linux, and Windows with good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PowerPoint, and Keynote
  • Exceptional performance displayed in understanding and working on various web based interactive applications
  • Good knowledge of color and B&W photography styles with digital image rendering
  • Ability to work smoothly in a team
  • Excellent verbal and writing skills in English for good communication
  • Strong interpersonal skills for improved performance

Work Experience:

XYZ Group - Boca Raton, FL (2011-Present)
Senior Graphic Artist

Duties included:

  • Working as a team leader for a team involving 6 graphic artists
  • Working towards achieving targets and developing new plans and concepts as per the clients' briefs
  • Extensively working in the areas of product packaging, logo designing, and graphic art designing for magazines
  • Making the themes of the concepts as clear as possible for effective communication with the target audience
  • Designing advertisement arts for print medium including magazines and hoardings
  • Developing complete campaigns for fashion promotion and designing the subsequent designs
  • Working with trainees and guiding them through the entire process of graphic designing

ABC Group, VA (2007-2011)
Assistant Graphic Designer

Duties included:

  • Worked on integrating graphic art, textual matter, and animation in order to come up with catchy layouts for websites and movie still art
  • Worked with junior designers for developing innovative and retro style designs for the clients and various other publications – both print and web based
  • Presented all the new designs and concepts to the senior graphic designers for their approval
  • Worked on concepts and themes for illustrious clients such as BKL and LMJ


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, University of Boston, MA, 2007


  • Got the opportunity to work with esteem clients such as BKL and LMJ
  • Independently worked on important portfolios and created impressive designs for the cover of Maxim Magazine of April 2011 issue


Available on request.

This is how a senior graphic designer resume is structured. Pay attention to the crispness and to the point style in which this sample has been compiled. Following this format is necessary if you want to write a good resume. Your resume will gain excellence if it is coupled with a cover letter of senior graphic designer profile. This will surely impress the recruiter and compel him to consider your application for further rounds of the interview.

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