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Martial Arts Instructor Resume

A martial arts instructor resume is written by a person of expert knowledge and skills in one or more martial arts techniques and who could train others too in the application of this art.

Martial arts is a technique of combat and self-defense, which is also famous for maintaining physical health and developing mental and spiritual sides too. Martial arts were originally practiced in some parts of the European countries in the 16th century purely for self-defense. Slowly, it was taken up by the Eastern Asian region and what followed was a massive development and growth of the various art forms included in martial arts.

There can be two classifications pertaining to the various martial arts - one being the traditional martial art and the other being the modern martial art. While the traditional art form was developed way back at the conception of martial arts, it has been added with additional forms and techniques, collectively known as modern martial art.

Then, there are armed martial arts techniques and unarmed martial arts techniques. While the former involves swords and polearms, the later involves the use of hands and legs for grappling the enemy. It uses strike force to bring down the opponent and suppress him physically.

Education and skills-wise, the instructor who teaches this art form should be well-trained and capable of instructing the students well to teach them discipline because it is the first thing which is required to learn something. He should be a recipient of black belt or other equal accreditation or education.

Following is a martial arts instructor resume sample which will help you to understand the structure and flow of a professional resume.

Garry Pollock
6th Graham St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-9777

Objective Statement

To facilitate efficient training of martial arts to the enthusiasts of this art form and make them understand the deep-seated meanings of each posture and technique.

Profile Summary

  • Operating as a founding member of ABC Institute of Martial Arts, California
  • Founder and senior instructor at Su Kyi Institute of Karate, California
  • Functioned as a Karate instructor at Michigan Center for Martial Arts and Techniques, Michigan
  • Knowledge of unarmed martial arts techniques such as Wing Chun, Capoeira, Taekwondo, and Karate
  • Dedicated towards promoting this art not only as a self defense technique, but also as a means of meditation for the students

Skills Summary

  • Good at managing students and inculcating deep understanding and patience in them towards the art of martial arts
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with good verbal and written communication skills in English and mastery in Japanese and Korean languages
  • Excellent management skills for handling executive and administrative duties at any martial arts institute
  • Excellent in training students in Karate, Wing Chun, Capoeira, and Taekwondo
  • Deep meditation and focusing ability

Work Experience

ABC Institute of Martial Arts
Founding Member (2012-Present)

  • Started the institute in California in collaboration with two other people
  • Interviewed the instructors and chose only the best ones to teach the students
  • Promoted the institute with close association with the advertising groups
  • Initiated training for the students in Aikido and Shodan

Ela Institute of Martial Arts
Trainer (2010-2012)

  • Teaching the intermediate and advance level classes
  • Facilitating training in unarmed defense by first conducting demonstration classes and then training the students extensively in the moves
  • Teaching the students about various moves concerning sparring, knee-lock, chokes, and throw to better equip them in the art of self defense
  • Conducting tests and promoting the students to the next belt color, depending on their performance

Educational Qualifications

  • Earned first degree black belt in Taekwondo from International Martial Arts Federation, Thailand in 2010
  • Trained in Karate and Wing Chun from Institute of Martial Sports, Hong Kong in 2009
  • Graduation in Arts from University of California, California in 2008

Awards and Other Achievements

  • Awarded the title of 'Sensei' in the year 2011 by International Martial Arts Federation, Thailand
  • Achieved top ranking in Wing Chun and a scholarship from Institute of Martial Sports, Hong Kong in the year 2012


  • Member of American Federation of Martial Arts, Illinois
  • Visiting trainer at Asian Martial Arts Club, California

This is how a martial arts instructor resume is written. While writing it, make sure that you follow this format, which is the most popular among the resume writers. Keep the length of the resume short and write crisp, to the point sentences. Every piece of information should concern the reader and affect his decision about you in a positive manner. After all, the sole purpose of writing a resume is to get selected for the job in the offering. Mention your USPs and any important achievements in the same field. All this, with a strong objective statement, will lead you towards writing a good resume.

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