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Dancer Resume

A dancer resume is written by a professional who specializes in a single or multiple forms of dance and does perform at a professional level in various events - cultural or commercial.

Dance is the purest form of creativity and a remarkable element of the entire art field. In a way, it has touched and transformed the world of cinema for us. Dance, in its most basic form, has inspired the painters and murrel makers to paint their subjects in various dancing postures. This has led to the onset of drama theaters, where the actors further gave voice to the emotions of a dancer. The theater finally gave birth to cinema and cinema is what we see today.

A dancer, in order to be accepted professionally, needs to be a specialist in at least one dance form. It could be a traditional dance form or a more popular form of this art such as break dance. One needs to have complete dedication towards his work and perform hard work to achieve a noticeable level in this art form. In terms of educational qualifications, there are several dance academies that offer special training in different dance forms. You can complete your dance training from any one of those institutions.

These are a few points to be considered while writing a resume:

Proofread the resume - It is essential that your resume is free from any kind of error in the spellings or factual information. For ensuring this, it is necessary that you proofread your resume once done writing. An error free resume will make a positive mark on the reader's mind about you and also define your capability to demonstrate great attention to detail.

Divide the information suitably - It is important to divide the entire resume into various, separate headings and subheadings in order to clearly distinguish the information. These headings such as 'objective statement', 'work experience', etc., will help the reader to find the required information clearly written under them in an easy manner, thus saving his time and effort. This adds a few extra points to your credit.

Use proper language - Throughout the resume, it is important to use a formal language, as your resume is an important official document which needs to convey your professionalism in an apt manner. Apart from this, you need to keep the language simple by using simple words and not articulating it too much with rich diction. The idea is to write a very simple resume. Although, you could use the industry related terminologies in your resume, which will tell the reader of your knowledge about the industry, you should use them wisely.

Keep it short - It is important that you write the resume to the point and that you keep it concise and crisp.

Following is a dancer resume sample for your reference.

Tina Grey
123, Jordon St.
Boston, MA, 01234
(123) 411-0523

Objective Statement:

To utilize my excellent skills in dancing while performing with an internationally acclaimed dance troupe such as yours and to perform to the fullest of my capabilities, together with further enhancing of my art.

Profile Summary:

  • Performing hip-hop and jazz since last 2 years in various events and dance troupes
  • Have been a part of a few internationally renowned dance troupes
  • Trained from the reputed XYZ School of Dance, LA
  • Won the 'Best Performance' award in the passing ceremony of XYZ School of Dance, LA

Skills Summary:

  • Good knowledge of various kinds of dance forms such as jazz and hip-hop
  • Ability to handle difficult choreographies for special dance groups
  • Ability to do hard work and achieve perfection in each dance step
  • Excellent skills in executing sound communication with other team members
  • Good team spirit
  • Strict practitioner of yoga

Work Experience:

  • Conducted various dance performances till date
  • The Ballet of Martha Gale Garcia by Lightening Stars, Knowles Theater, Italy | 2013
  • Raining Angels by Lightening Stars, Baxter Theater, London | 2012
  • You and Me by Lifeboat, Smith, and Drake Stadium, Denmark | 2012
  • Night Safari and Group by Rupert and Beaver, Denmark | 2011
  • Seaside Angel Rising by Rupert and Beaver, Louisiana | 2011
  • Lantern of the Wasted by Lifeboat, Canada | 2011

Educational Qualification:

  • Training in jazz from XYZ School of Dance, LA | 2011
  • Training in hip-hop from VCX School of Theater and Dance, LA | 2010


  • Won the 'Best Performance' award in a final dance event at XYZ School of Dance, LA | 2011
  • Performed with internationally acclaimed dance troupes namely, 'Lifeboat' and 'Rupert and Beaver'

This is how one writes an appealing resume. Get tips on how to write a cover letter for dancer resume to make your resume more impressive.

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