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Art Designer Resume

Job Description:

Art designers can be freelancers or may be placed at salaried positions, and it is true that many people are attracted by this profession due to the potential growth it offers along with the availability of the freedom of creativity while performing the job. The art designer is solely responsible for communicating with the clients and is required to find out the best possible way to advertise the products of the clients in an attractive manner.

The art designers have to use the available media including digital, print, and film media to spread the messages of the clients. As the technology has developed over the years, the advertisers are interested in reaching out to the Internet audience and therefore, the art designers should be thorough with the knowledge of computer graphics.

An art designer has the responsibility of designing the product in such a way that it reaches the hearts of the public, and this has to be done in compliance with the preferences of the clients. The designer has to prepare the draft sketches, layout, color, font, and other aspects while advertising a product. Another important duty of the art designer is to train junior designers as their services are required in carrying out larger tasks. Moreover, time management is the main quality required for an art designer where the professional must have the capacity to complete the work within the deadlines.

Robert D
1479, Star Route
Bellwood, IL-60104
Phone; 708-615-6608

Job Objective:

I am seeking the position of art designer in a reputed company where I can get an opportunity to prove my skills and learn new technologies.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Possesses great proficiency in working with the digital, film, and print media
  • Experienced individual with professional, organizational, and artistic skills
  • Possesses excellent creative and innovative thoughts for designing advertisements and logos
  • Also, proficient with computer graphics
  • Acquires deep knowledge of front end technologies
  • Holds the ability to prepare layouts, blueprints, illustrations, mechanical art, and photography
  • Expert in advertising through social media campaigns and websites effectively

Professional Experience:

Currently working as an art designer in BOC advertisement agency in Georgia since January, 2012. My duties are explained below:

  • Handled the task of communicating with prospective clients and gathering messages
  • Responsible for creating new products and using intelligent methods and strategies in promoting the existing products
  • Always consulted the printer in selecting the paper and ink to be used for printing work
  • Responsible for identifying prospective and potential clients for the organization

Also, worked as an art designer in ABC advertising agency in Georgia during the period from January, 2008 to December, 2011. My responsibilities were as follows.

  • As per the specifications of the clients, performed the work of designing the artwork for posters, logos, sign-age, and fliers and ensured that the work reaches the users in a big way
  • Responsible for labeling and framing photographs as specified and desired by the clients
  • As an expert in drawing cartoons, executed the job of helping the clients in designing illustrative cartoons
  • Besides, helped the organization in administration works, assisted with art supply inventory, and co-operated with the supervisor in charge of the supplies

Educational Qualifications:

Completed Master's Degree in Communications from University of Georgia, GA in December, 2007.
Completed Bachelor's Degree in Arts from Arts College of Georgia, GA in December, 2005.


Applicable references shall be presented on request.

It is a universally accepted theory that while seeking a job, the aspirant has to prepare a resume and enclose the same with the application to get reviewed by the hiring managers. Therefore, if you are seeking for the position of art designer, you have to design a well-crafted art designer resume in order to attract the attention of the recruitment managers.

An important part of an art designer resume is that you have to give your contact details in every page of your resume if it runs to more than one page, but mind that your resume is restricted to a maximum of two pages only. The summary statement of your resume is the one which sets the tone in which you have to summarize your skills, qualifications, and achievements.

You have to script the details of your art designer resume in such a way that it becomes dynamic. The document should also include a well written statement holding the attention of the employers. You have to emphasize your experience in the field you are targeting at and explain your beneficiary contributions in your previous jobs, which will create a better impression about you in the minds of the employers. After all, the employers recruit people whom they consider to be the assets for the improvement of the organization.

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