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Art Asset Manager Resume

This article on art asset manager resume is all about how to make a resume that is full of important information and that which can impress the recruiter at one go.

Following are some essential and important tips for writing a good and effective resume.

  • Put important things first - You have a lot of options available regarding the ways you can put the information in your resume, but an intelligent choice would be to put the most important and relevant information first for the reader's consideration and to attract his attention positively from the word 'go'. Otherwise, going through minuscule and average information, he will become bored and would leave aside your resume, thinking to be just one of those regular resume applications
  • Length is not a criteria - It is not the length that the reader will be concerned with. It is rather the quality and relevance of the material provided by you in the resume that would interest him beyond anything else. It is a good idea to visit the company's website and read its visions and mission statement before formulating your application. This will help you in understanding what exactly the company is all about and what does it expect from the employees. This way, you will be in a far better position to write all the right things in your application that the reader wants to read
  • Use bullet points - Various points can be differentiated with the use of bullet points. This will also help you to make your resume look more organized. Rather than cluttering all the information in a couple of paragraphs, you can use bullet points to put your message through. These have to be short, crisp, and in phrase form; no need to write complete sentences
  • Use simplified language - Don't clutter your resume with heavy Shakespearean words. There is absolutely no need for you to show off your vocabulary skills here. There is no one out there who would care about your rich diction until it's a post of a magazine/book editor or a related one

Following is an art asset manager resume sample that will help you to understand the structure and flow of a professional resume.

Wayne East
36th Link St.
Colinwood, CA
(432) 610-9055


To obtain the position of an art asset manager in a leading art asset management company of the city and provide my services, on behalf of the company, to various clients who are looking for an art curator, seller, or buyer for their art.

Profile Summary

  • Five years of vast experience working in the business of art management for paintings, murals, excavation findings, and collectors' items
  • Worked for famous art asset management companies namely, Wansow and Co., CA and Ridley Art Curators, CA
  • Holds strong networks in the industry to get the work done in a smooth manner
  • Licensed art agent from the Art Commission of New York, New York

Skills Summary

  • Possesses good project management and team building skills to smoothly carry out all the responsibilities bestowed upon
  • Strong managerial skills to handle a multitude of responsibilities when functioning in a large team
  • Strong communication skills in both verbal and written English
  • Good at handling stress and meeting the deadlines
  • Working knowledge of Macintosh and Windows systems
  • Good at working with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Microsoft Office, and Wordpress

Work Experience

Wansow and Co.
Art Consultant (2012-Present)

  • Performing the valuation of the clients' art possessions and providing them with the current market figures
  • Inviting clients to art conferences held on the latest trends in the market and art world
  • Keeping the clients up to date on all the 'up for sale' portfolios and other details
  • Assisting the clients in selling or buying art asset portfolios

Ridley Art Curators
Art Consultant (2009-2012)

  • Guiding the clients through all the procedures related to insurance in case they go in for filing any claims for damage
  • Helping them in getting done all the relevant documents related to the selling and buying of the art items
  • Representing the clients in all the transactions made in their name
  • Calculating the art asset valuation of the clients for estimating the tax returns and preparing property papers including other such official papers


  • Passed Louisiana State Bar Exam in the year 2009
  • Completed Juris Doctorate Degree in Business Law from Illinois College of Law, IL in the year 2008
  • Completed Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from University of Iowa, IA in the year 2006


(Fill this section with a few major achievements of your professional career.)

This is how you write an art asset manager resume. Follow the tips mentioned above the sample for a more effective resume writing style. You can add no more than 6-7 points under every heading; otherwise, the section will become too crowded. So, choose the right information and write the resume accordingly. All the best!

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