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Crime Lab Analyst Resume

Job Description:

A crime lab analyst usually works in laboratories and in some cases wherein he or she has to visit the crime site to take pictures and collect evidences that may help resolving the mysteries of the crime. Usually, this visit to the crime site is done by a crime scene analyst and the collected evidences and pictures will be handed over to the crime lab analyst for further investigation.

The duty of a crime lab analyst is to analyze the evidences collected from the crime scene. The analytical tests include toxicological tests and biological tests and more. The former test will help establish whether the victim used drugs and the biological tests include DNA tests, hair analysis, which may help identify the victim or the possible clues about the criminal.

A crime lab analyst will also perform fingerprint tests, crime weapon analysis and other tests on the objects that were found at the site of the crime. He or she also has to conduct tests on fire arms and test whether the gun and the bullet seized at the scene of crime, match each other. A crime lab analyst is also required to analyze photos and documents recovered, that are connected with the crime cases.

Henry C
2786, Patterson Road
Phone: 718-824-2814

Job Objective:

I am a hard working and passionate crime lab analyst and wishing to work in an established laboratory and assist the crime investigation team.

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Possess deep knowledge of crime lab techniques and applications and specially trained in laboratory information management system
  • To prepare the reports on the finding, I have excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Have the ability to work in any situation, perform multi task and knows to prioritize assigned works according to the necessity
  • Profound knowledge in technical expertise, proficient with computer applications and highly experienced in lab practices
  • Have enough patience and skills to analyze all types of evidences and can provide concrete results of the analysis
  • Can handle stressful situations with a smile
  • In respect of the analysis work, I have the ability to use principles of genetics, biochemistry and biological knowledge as well as special equipment.

Professional Experience:

I am, at present, working as a crime lab analyst in a research laboratory situated at Seattle, WA from June, 2005 to till date and I am holding the following responsibilities.

  • Have performed effectively in regards with the analysis of the available products and documents and prepared the reports on the findings in accordance with the specifications prescribed and assured the test results
  • The analyzed data was stored and entered into a laboratory information management system for further reference and analysis
  • Have visited crime site many times, on instruction from my superiors, and collected evidences and took photographs at the crime site and labeled the evidences for analysis
  • Have done DNA, fingerprint tests and other biological tests and helped the police trace the culprits who caused the crime
  • Recorded the results and findings and documented and filed them for further investigation
  • As and when summoned, I have participated in trials and stood as a witness

Professional Experience:

Prior to the above employment, I have worked as a crime lab analyst in True Research Laboratory in Miami, FL from January, 2002 to March, 2005 and my responsibilities were as follows.

  • Had taken part in forensic autopsies, DNA tests and analysis and prepared evidence reports
  • My analysis had helped to identify crime suspects as well as to exonerate people, who were wrongly accused
  • Had provided instructions on the proper collection of evidences and on the proper use of digital forensic techniques
  • Extensively traveled for the collection of evidences as per the instructions of the management and never hesitated to work for extra hours in case of emergency


I have a Bachelor's degree in Criminology from a University in New York.
I also have a Bachelors degree in Forensic Sciences from a University in Boston.


Available on request

It is not sure whether good resumes will fetch you a job, but they help you to get an interview call. It is up to you to impress the employers at the interview to win the job. It is a necessity to prepare a well defined and attractive crime lab analyst resume, if you are aspiring to become a crime lab analyst.

The importance of a crime lab analyst resume is that you are talking about your skills and experience through your resume and get an opportunity for an interview call. You have to present your resume in a clean and easily readable format, with marking the appropriate columns. The details of a crime lab analyst resume should contain your accomplishments and how you will be responsible for the betterment of the organization, to which, you are applying.

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