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Airline Lounge Receptionist Resume

An airline lounge receptionist resume must be written describing the skills and expertise of the applicant that would match with the requirements of the post perfectly. Applicants must know how to write a perfect and effective resume in order to impress the recruiting committee. An airline lounge receptionist is a person who takes care of the passengers traveling by flight and provides them with various services that are available on air.

An airline lounge receptionist resume must be written in such a fashion that it displays the applicant's skills and expertise in the field of in-flight customer care and service. Applicants are well aware of the fact that they will not be alone in the recruitment process and many other applicants will also apply for the same post. Therefore, it is quite necessary to write the resume properly and in an innovative manner, so that one can stand one step ahead from the rest of the crowd in the job application process.

Resume writing is not difficult, but to most applicants, it is a kind of a daunting task as they have no clear idea on how to write one efficiently. Below are some useful tips and criteria one should follow while writing a resume for the post of airline lounge receptionist.

Tips for Writing a Better Airline Lounge Receptionist Resume

  • Proper format: Selecting a proper format is essential, as it helps in the proper construction of the resume. A proper format is very essential and it acts as the backbone of a resume. Without a proper format or layout, the writer will not be able to organize his personal, professional, and academic aspects properly. A proper format gives the resume a more sequential and organized look
  • Keeping it brief and simple: Applicants must keep the resume brief and short. No long sentences and paragraphs must be used, as they make the resume look odd and clumsy. Applicants must use bullet points wherever necessary and keep the resume simple, so as to make it easy to read and understand
  • Official tone: Applicants must maintain an official tone. Informal and casual words and phrases must not be used
  • Proofreading: Proofreading is important as the applicants can remove all the grammatical and spelling errors, making the resume errorless
  • Highlighting the important points: Applicants must highlight the important points such as skills, professional experience, achievements etc., so that the recruiter can easily decide about the potential of the applicant

Below is an airline receptionist resume sample that will make things clearer on how to write a better resume for a job application. The information provided in the resume is fictitious and the applicants can make changes as per their requirements.

Robert Peterson
15th Avon Road, Hilton Hills
Loss Angeles, California (8997 70070)
Phone: 997678 787654

Career Objective:

To seek a position in a reputed airliner as an Airline Lounge Receptionist, where I can use my skills and expertise for the benefit of the company and for my own professional experience.

Career Summary:

Presently working as an Airline Receptionist in the established Southeast Asian Airways, CA since a period of 3 years. Moreover, possesses excellent communication and hospitality skills.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proficient hospitality skills
  • Ability to handle all types of passengers with efficiency
  • Capable of speaking 6 foreign languages
  • Expertise in bar tending
  • Experience in working as an Airline Receptionist for 3 years

Work Experience:

Cabin Crew 2011 - Present
Southeast Asian Airways

  • Serving all passengers with all the services that are provided on flight
  • Providing personalized customer service to the passengers
  • Efficiently communicating with the passengers
  • Executing bar tending jobs in the lounge and serving various kinds of beverages and eatables

Academic Details:

  • Completed Master's Degree in Airline Servicing and Air Hostess Training from FDP Institute, CA in 2011
  • Completed Bachelor's Degree in Arts from California University, CA in 2009
  • Completed High School from Los Angeles High School, CA in 2006

Personal Interests:

Traveling, reading, adventure sports, trying different cuisines, cooking, etc.


I hereby declare that the information provided above is true to my knowledge.


Will be provided on request.

We hope that the above information will surely help the applicants in constructing the best airline lounge receptionist resume for their job applications.

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