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UNIX Administrator Resume

IT system administrators of all types have become a crucial part of most organizations due to the rising dependency on technology and technology based services. Acknowledging the rising demand of system administrators, we have provided a UNIX administrator resume sample in this section, which highlights a professional layout and effective way of including the desired skill sets in a professional resume.

A UNIX administrator is responsible for the administration of the entire system and network. His/her responsibilities may vary from organization to organization, but the desired technical skills would remain almost the same throughout. Depending upon the designation and experience, certain managerial and administrative skills may also be desired by the employers to be possessed by the candidate in order to deliver the job responsibilities satisfactorily. Thus, while drafting a UNIX administrator resume, the employer's expectations must always be kept in mind to present a relevant and reliable candidature. Such a resume would not only help in casting a positive first impression, but would also sway the outcome in your favor.

Applicants who want to win the desired results can refer to the UNIX administrator resume sample provided below and retrieve the necessary information. The resume sample, however, should be adequately customized to portray true professionalism and effectively bridge the gap between the desired and actual profile. Sections such as objective statement, professional skills, and career summary are some of the key sections which require special attention.

To know more about the resume layout and details to be shared, we recommend you to have a look at the UNIX administrator resume example given here.

Charles H. Hobbs
2017 Sun Points
Maryland - 21411
Phone: (443) 279 7741

Career Objective

In the quest of challenging assignments to deal with as a system administrator specializing in UNIX in a reputed organization, where I can bring my skill sets, knowledge, and experience to effective use and contribute towards organizational growth by effectively monitoring and managing the IT systems and networks.

Career Summary

An experienced IT professional specializing in UNIX system and network administration and possessing 9 years of experience working with some of the renowned IT firms. I have been a part of various projects and handled end to end administration processes, involving set up, installation, and maintenance of the IT systems and networks in completion used in the organization. Imbibed by experience, I have also gained competencies which enable me to work on Windows and Mac systems as well and resolve complex system security issues.

Work Experience

Network Administrator (2010 - till date)
Lances Locksmith Pvt. Ltd., Airpark Rd Ste. 213, Gaithersburg, MD

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Looked after the entire administration of the UNIX systems and networks throughout the organization
  • Managed and guided the project teams working on system deployment and installation of different hardware required
  • Reviewed the UNIX system security features and tested them for their reliability and scope of improvement
  • Assisted in the installation of security programs for the entire network
  • Headed a 7 member team for developing and deploying SPARC Enterprise M4000 server for the clients and successfully executed the project in a stipulated time frame of 15 days
  • Assisted in developing various network administrative procedures
  • Studied various security systems available in the market to identify the best available solution for addressing security concerns
  • Developed guidelines for addressing system related issues such as security, hacking, end user support, etc.
  • Trained new joiners and interns on UNIX administration aspects such as file ownership and access permissions, shell scripts, system monitoring tools, application development tools, installation of OS's and other software, et cetera
  • Monitored the user accounts and access permissions for file sharing and the Internet usage

Senior UNIX System Executive (2008 - 2010)
UNIX System Executive (2005 - 2008)
Welsh UNIX Company Pvt. Ltd., Monument Street, Baltimore, MD

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Procured and installed various software for integrating with the UNIX system and tested them for compatibility
  • Maintained a record of all the system updates installed
  • Compiled scripts for backup and system restore
  • Engineered procedures of the remote installation of Sun OS
  • Developed programs using different languages such as Shell, Perl, Tk, and basic C programming languages
  • Designed file systems and security systems for network wide accessibility and security
  • Attended to issues such as hacking, firewalls protection, data backup, reboot, shut down, etc.
  • Installed OS's and software for different hardware supports
  • Deployed system monitoring tools
  • Had been a part of a team responsible for developing vendor software, commercial software, and freeware
  • Maintained a record of all security breaches and relevant threats for future reference

Core Skills

Technical Skills

  • Ability to write programs in multiple languages: Shell, Perl, and Tk
  • In-depth knowledge of networking and computing environments (UNIX)
  • Expertise over UNIX based OS's (operating systems)
  • Knowledge of system analysis, tuning, and restore along with data backup
  • Knowledge of SSL security certificates
  • Ability to work on all Windows OS's
  • MS Office expertise

Personal Skills

  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Time management ability
  • Analytical skills and ability to make quick decisions

Academic Qualifications

B.Tech (IT) (2001 - 2005)
Bowie State University, Richo Park Rd., Bowie, MD

SOLARIS UNIX Certification (Jan 2005 - June 2005)
Bowie State University, Richo Park Rd., Bowie, MD


Would be pleased to provide on prior information.

Signature: ####

Name: Charles H. HobbsDate: May 11, 2012Place: Baltimore, MD

Inclusion of additional details in the above given UNIX administrator resume can be done at the candidate's discretion, if they are relevant and supportive to the candidature. We hope the resume sample meets the candidates' requirements.

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