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Secretary (Production) Resume

A production secretary is a professional who works in the film and television industry. He/she coordinates with the production manager or production coordinator. The secretary assists such professionals in their work. As a production secretary, you are required to perform all the traditional secretariat roles and duties. The job responsibilities of a production secretary may vary from one company to another. It is an entry level job position, but a good one to start your career in the television and film industry.

There are several job responsibilities such as filing paperwork, collecting timesheets, taking notes, conducting regular administrative services, etc., which fall under the job profile of a production secretary. Moreover, they also handle legal documents, script changes, important contracts, etc. In other words, you can say that these professionals also work as production assistants. The job location of a production secretary can be either the office of a film corporation or the different locations where the film shooting is being performed.

You should also be aware of the skills required for this job profile. There are several skills that you need to possess if you want to work as a production secretary. A person applying for this position should be efficient, hard working, calm, and adaptable in diverse working environments. He/she should also possess excellent communication skills as a credential. These professionals should also possess good knowledge of the television and film industry. Moreover, they should possess great multitasking abilities.

Apart from the skills and qualifications, it would be beneficial for you if you draft a good production secretary resume while applying for this job. All the above mentioned skills and qualifications should be mentioned in your resume. An employer, while shortlisting a candidate, checks for these skills and then finally calls the candidate for an interview. You should also try to mention your key skills as per the requirements of the employer to whom you have submitted the job application. Moreover, try to choose a template which is simple but effective. Avoid committing any spelling or grammar mistakes in your resume because they put a negative impact on the employers.

James J. Ray
1034 Crowfield Road
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: 733-529-4287
Email Id:


Seeking a challenging position of Production Secretary in an esteemed organization, where I can gain expertise in my subjects.


  • Excellent communication skills in both written and verbal English
  • Ability to handle telephone calls efficiently
  • Good knowledge of handling the production department
  • Aware of the tools used in the production department
  • Possesses accuracy while performing mathematical calculations
  • Maintaining and managing the files and records
  • Possesses multitasking ability
  • Possesses interpersonal skills
  • Possesses typing speed of 40 words per minute
  • Possesses the knowledge of shorthand as well

Work Experience:

Company: Dripfase Incorporations
Designation: Production Secretary
Duration: September 2012 - Present


  • Coordinating with the producer, director, and other production team members
  • Responsible to be present at the production rehearsals
  • Coordinate with other departments in planning the meetings
  • Responsible to check the copyright and permission issues
  • Responsible to monitor costs and control expenses
  • Responsible to collect and distribute timesheets
  • Responsible to book performers and artists
  • Contact and coordinate with external organizations
  • Responsible to schedule time, shot lists, and logos for post-production
  • Maintaining a proper database on the system
  • Scheduling meetings and appointments and taking notes at the meetings

Company: Greentrax Incorporations
Designation: Film Production Assistant
Duration: November 2010 - August 2012


  • Coordinating with the management in planning and scheduling meetings
  • Assisting the production team in rehearsals
  • Responsible to deal with an artist's payments and expenses
  • Organizing, producing, and distributing the scripts
  • Responsible to check and complete all the necessary paperwork
  • Responsible to maintain an accurate shot list of the rehearsals
  • Also, responsible to book catering vendors, equipment, performers, etc.


  • Completed Master's Degree in Film Production from Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey in the year 2010
  • Completed Bachelor's Degree in Animation and Film Production from Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey in the year 2008
  • Completed High School from Performance and Dance Academy, Princeton, New Jersey in the year 2005


Dennis R. Woods
Production Secretary

Bamlax Incorporations
2782 James Street
Rochester, NY 14604

If you have completed your degree in a relevant field of the film production industry then it would be a very good option for you to apply for this position. You also need to have some experience in this field when you are applying for such jobs. You can craft a production secretary resume and apply for this job.

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