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Linen Room Attendant Resume

A linen room attendant, also known as hotel room attendant, is a professional who has skills in handling the room cleanliness work in hotels. His job requires him to take care of changing the used linens day after day, replenishing toiletries, bringing in fresh water and crockery to the room, and handling the guests' requests. In addition to these duties, he may also, many a times, attend to their complaints and communicate the same to the concerned departments so that they make it all right.

Following is a resume sample for this post that will show you the proper format and method of drafting such a resume in a professional manner.

Dean Polley
6 Jasper St. House,
Lakewood, CA
(432) 610-1122


To apply for the post of linen room attendant in a reputed hotel and put to use my skills and experience to provide service in supplying absolute clean rooms and crisp linens to the guests.

Profile Summary

  • 3 years of experience in operating in the room service department of major hotels
  • Had the opportunity to work with large hotels such as J.W. Irvin Hotel and Hotel Kobe; completed internship with Hotel Kobe for the period: 2011 - 2013
  • Worked in room service, records, and repairs departments of the hotels and gained multivariate experience
  • Have catered to the wedding guests, business conference participants, and other event guests

Skills Summary

  • Good knowledge of working in various departments such as records, repairs, and room service
  • Excellent skills and swiftness in taking care of hotel rooms – replacing linens, making beds, and replenishing toiletries
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to handle multiple tasks with great skillfulness
  • Good at handling guests' requests and fulfilling them; also, communicating the requests to other department managers, if need be
  • Ability to learn fast and adapt according to the situations
  • Good at performing effective handling of guests owing to my good communication skills

Work Experience

J.W. Irvin Hotel, New York
Room Attendant supervisor (2012-Present)

  • Managed the responsibility of keeping the rooms up to the mark and clean at all times
  • Also, managed the records department where the daily records of complaints and services of the floor were entered in the system
  • Managed a team of 6 trainee linen room attendants and monitored their quality of work
  • Based on the performance of the subordinates, recommended the management about their promotion and incentives
  • Paid good attention to all the preferences and requests of the guests and took care of them accordingly
  • Reported to the floor manager and followed the direct orders
  • Brought in toiletries and linens for the rooms and issued new ones whenever the need arose

Hotel Kobe, Las Vegas
Room Attendant (Internship) (2011-2012)

  • Handled the housekeeping trolley from one room to another, carrying all the fresh linen and other supplies to all rooms on the floor
  • Took care of all complaints from the guests and communicated the same to the concerned departments
  • Attended the weekly meetings with the floor manager and participated in the regular staff trainings
  • Took care of the repairs department for 6 months where the complaints related to the plumbing section were attended and handled in the specified manner


  • Master of Hotel Management (Major in Room Service), University of Chicago, 2011
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, University of Chicago, 2009


(Mention some of your professional achievements in this section using bullet points.)

This is how a linen room attendant resume is written for a candidate of the hospitality sector. The applicant here is relatively new to the field and is just starting to gain good experience. The job with J.W. Irvin is his first full time employment, preceded by an internship with Hotel Kobe. But, as it is seen here, he has already gained some good experience by now and has progressively moved forward while handling diverse responsibilities.

So, you see how this resume has stressed on his multivariate skills and experience till date in a bid to impress the reader. In short, this is the kind of resume that is guaranteed to do the trick for you by presenting the information about you in the most effective manner.

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