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Fine Arts Production Specialist Resume

A fine arts production specialist resume should contain all the necessary data which is relevant to production in the fine arts department. The job of a fine arts production specialist is to guide the staff by coordinating with different departments for optimum output and quality. The professionals usually report to the director of the movie. In some cases, they might also be reporting directly to the producer. They have to coordinate between different departments, making sure that everything is being worked upon according to the planned schedule, and solve any problems faced by the staff members on the go.

Fine arts production specialists also oversee different sections involved in the production such as the costumes, technical, props, interiors, decorations, camera crew, etc. They have to make sure that proper communication is maintained between them and that there are no discrepancies. They also need to make in-depth reports, either on a daily or weekly basis, covering all the aspects such as the resources used and still available, new resources to be ordered, cleanliness, client comfort, employee satisfaction, employee training, etc. The producer hence gets the overall idea and plans on the future funding of the project.

A person needs to be a graduate in arts in order to be eligible for the position of fine arts production specialist. After gaining the required tenure and knowledge, it depends upon the production company to promote the assistants to the specialist designation. A management course done after graduation can prove beneficial too. Below given is an example of fine arts production specialist resume for your reference.

Jason B. Couture
1997 Gold-cliff Circle
Washington, DC 20009
Phone: 202-588-8815

Career Objective:

To work in an esteemed organization as a Fine Arts Production Specialist, helping the team of crew members with my expertise and knowledge in the same field to provide better production and time efficient work flow.

Professional Summary:

7 years of experience in the fine arts production field.

Key Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good knowledge of arts production pipeline
  • Flexibility
  • In-depth knowledge of the current market trends and art industry quality standards
  • Excellent skills in monitoring and tracking operational facilities and resources
  • Varied experience in theatrical and back stage productions, involving exposure to lighting, set designing, storyboarding, directing, film editing, and cinematography
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Brilliant leadership skills and great with the skills to handle crew members

Educational Qualification:

  • Master's Degree in Business Administration with specialization in Arts: Westwood College, Washington DC (April, 2004 - April, 2007)
  • Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts: Westwood College, Washington DC (April, 2001 to March, 2004)
  • High School: Capella Institute, Washington DC (March, 2001)

Professional Experience:

Fine Arts Production Specialist: Angel Arts Pvt. Ltd. 601 Howard NW PI., Washington, DC
(July, 2010 till date)

  • Providing up to date project reports for the whole production pipeline
  • Performing the coordination of daily activities through different departments
  • Performing utility and resource analysis and preparing a detailed report for the new items to be bought or imported
  • Supervising the technical, design, storyboarding, and video editing departments
  • Performing the coordination of specific tasks with proper appointment and delegation for special events and client visits
  • Overseeing the research departments for the latest trends, costumes, props, and technological advancements being used in the current market
  • Consulting with the lighting department to make sure that the lighting setup has been done as per the cinematographer's requirements
  • Maintaining proper communication between the staff, director, and producers
  • Providing feedback to the sound design department
  • Performing managerial tasks such as team management, coordinating team building activities, employee performance evaluation, etc.
  • Creating and assigning new schedules to various departments throughout the production pipeline and making sure that they are being followed as planned
  • Performing budget analysis and total expenditure evaluation and ensuring that the final report is sent to the producer
  • Training new employees in the basic work flow and safety procedures

Fine Arts Production Specialist (Assistant): ABC Studios Pvt. Ltd. 800 Florida NE Ave., Washington, DC
(May, 2007 to June, 2010)

  • Performing budget analysis of every department, making sure that all the expenses are accounted for, and checking whether the crew is falling short on funds
  • Negotiating with external vendors for eatables, props, electrical supplies, etc.
  • Performing the coordination of tasks and resources between various departments
  • Supervising the rehearsal, staging, and performance trial runs for the performance to make sure that there would be no errors while recording the actual performance
  • Supervising the costumes department, making sure that the costumes needed for the scenes are ready well before the scheduled deadline


  • "Best Production Assistant" - Awarded by the staff members for outstanding performance
  • "Shining Star" - Awarded by the producer for exceptional performance


Stanley R. Jensen
Senior Fine Arts Production Specialist
ABC Studios Pvt. Ltd. 800 Florida NE Ave., Washington, DC
Phone: 978-864-1170

Sarah S. Mort
Technical Director
Angel Arts Pvt. Ltd. 601 Howard NW PI., Washington, DC
Phone: 615-951-2586

The above fine arts production specialist resume example can be used as a reference for writing one's own resume. One needs to make sure that the information provided in the resume is genuine. You can make changes to the sample according to your requirements.

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