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Claims Processing Clerk Resume

As the title suggests, a claims processing clerk handles jobs in connection with the insurance policy claims settlements and is accountable for procedural formalities to be carried out as a part of the claims processing. Step by step questioning and reviewing of insurance claims is done by compiling essential data to ensure the securing of proper records and documentation.

Hence, the candidate is required to know all the details regarding company policies and procedural developments for the claims settlement. Professional exposure to the work can surely convince the employer with his/her future services in the organization. So, deal with the insurance industry exposure, offering clarified view of the tasks performed, as a part of prior working experience. In this way, it becomes essential for the candidate to diagnose situational difficulties and offer the best comprehensive solutions to solve the issues.

Take a quick review of the duties associated with the position to know what a claims processing clerk exactly does. It will assist you in associating your profile with the employer's search.

Jobs and Responsibilities

  • Modifying and updating the essential information in relation with the policy details
  • Ensuring proper procedural formalities and claims settlements to offer the best services and customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining essential records and data and conducting the verification of highly crucial details
  • Carrying out timely reviews and managing an efficient database to provide client based services
  • Verifying the status changes and performing the examination of data warehousing and data mining skills

With in-depth understanding of the insurance sector plans, principles, and procedural developments, it becomes easy for the person to carry out clerical and secretarial functions. Hence, let your claims processing clerk resume portray advanced analytical skills and professional expertise in managing claims settlements. Communicate exposure to the field and expertise in the management of technical issues to convince the employer about your support services.

Below, learn how you can draft your resume with a proper resume format, conveying your clerical and administrative excellence.

John J. Stephens
4414 Jones Street
Irving, TX 75063
Phone: 385-378-9274
Email Address:


Seeking for an entry level clerical position with professional management of claims processing and settlement of records to enter into the field of insurance and looking for comprehensive growth and development opportunities in the field.

Profile Summary:

  • Assisting the insurance agents in insurance related work
  • Practiced client interviews and questioning sessions with the insurance agent
  • Professional investigations of technical matters
  • Clerical and office management services
  • Research and management excellence to deal with strategic and tactical matters


  • Strong analytical and comprehensive thinking skills
  • Effective administration and organizational abilities
  • Logical reasoning abilities with good customer relationship management services
  • Familiarity with procedural settlements of insurance claims
  • Strong communication excellence with extrovert personality

Technical Skills:

  • Management of Microsoft Office applications
  • Client based database services management
  • Professional management of data warehousing and data mining techniques


  • Post Graduate Certification in Business Management from Southwestern University in 2011
  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from West Virginia University Institute of Technology with a major in Financial Management in 2009
  • Trained in Strategic Business Development and Management
  • Attended a technical certification program on insurance claims settlement and procedural management

Professional Experience:

Universal Insurance Ltd. Mc Kinney, TX
Designation: Assistant Insurance Agent

2013-till date

  • Providing technical support to deal with the client investigations and managing necessary database operations
  • Ensuring compliance with the procedural formalities and periodic policy reviews
  • Responding to the client queries and recording their feedback in connection with the insurance services
  • Carrying out procedural settlement of claims with the observation of organizational policies and procedures
  • Keeping record of all the necessary documents and plans for future reference

Richardson Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. Fremont, CA
Designation: Accounts Clerk


  • Provided technical support to carry out procedural management of accounts
  • Offered clerical support to deal with documentation and record management exercises
  • Performed daily administration jobs in connection with office management
  • Ensured proper mathematical and tax calculations to deal with accounting assistance


  • Acknowledged for efficient management support and database functions carried out throughout the year
  • Nominated as 'Consistent Performer of the Year' for providing technical and managerial assistance to deal with the client based investigations and leadership skills to deal with group activities


  • Active participant of the Florida Tech University programs carried out to train the candidates on advanced technical developments and systems management
  • Associated with Florida Technology Institution, providing online support to deal with critical insurance matters

Mobility and Flexibility:

Well equipped with the knowledge of advanced management tools and equipment to respond to situational complexities and ready to serve the dynamic environment challenges in the most competitive manner.


I declare that the information provided above is true and fair.

John J. Stephens

With the given example, you will understand that the clerical position could be the best choice for a candidate who desires to enter into the field of insurance. It offers handsome growth opportunities with a chance to learn about the claims settlement issues and tactical skills. So, while applying for the job, let the claims processing clerk resume project your clerical and administration skills to deal with the insurance industry issues and documentation functions. Highlight your completion of insurance projects and programs to convince the employer with your fundamental understanding of the area.

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