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Patient Accounting Clerk Resume

A hospital admits a number of patients daily. The patients undergo different treatments and the doctors make use of different medications for each patient. All this has to be recorded thoroughly while all the expenses need to be kept a track of, in order to assure that the hospitals get their payments cleared on time. The person responsible for maintaining the accounts of patients and assisting hospital authorities to get their payments cleared on time is known as the patient accounting clerk.

As the job title suggests, this person is responsible for conducting accounting practices pertaining to the patient records. This person maintains all records pertaining to the patient's personal details, health problems, treatments or medications prescribed for the same, billing amount, credit period for clearing the bills, insurance claims, cashless facility, etc. Thus, this person helps to make a draft based on which the hospital authorities collect bills from clients and in case of delays, take actions such as patient termination, etc. In cases where the hospitals need to acquire their funds from the insurance companies, the accounts maintained by the clerk help them provide the required records and documents to make sure that the insurance companies clear the payments on time.

Resume Example

Christie J. Wilson
813 Grove Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
Phone: 301-128-4139

Career Objective:

Willing to function at the position of Sr. Patient Accounting Clerk where I get to work and handle accounting related practices and procedures pertaining to patient accounts and help the hospital to collect its payments on time, recover bad debts as soon as possible, and receive assistance in the collection procedures.

Career Summary:

Having worked as a Patient Accounting Clerk for almost 6 years, I am thorough with all the duties pertaining to patient accounting. Besides, having worked under the guidance of seniors and later handling the responsibilities independently, I am thorough with the responsibilities associated with the said position. I have successfully maintained and monitored accounting practices and procedures pertaining to patient accounting and helped in proper collection and maintenance of bad debt records.

Summary of Skills:

  • Excellent accounting and bookkeeping skills
  • Proficiency in using MS Excel to maintain huge databases of patients
  • Thorough with regulations pertaining to accounting, insurance claim settlements, etc., and proficient in keeping a track of bad debt aggravation and reporting the same to collections department
  • Expertise in handling cashless facility patients and coordinating with the insurance service providers to help settle insurance claims
  • Expertise in maintaining patient records so that the same can be retrieved and reviewed as and when required

Professional Experience:

Current Employer: OK City Life Hospital, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Maryland (2013-till date)
Designation: Sr. Patient Accounting Clerk
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain records of patients pertaining to personal details, health history, treatments undertaken, medications prescribed, current treatment, billing amount, payment mode, credit period, etc.
  • Serve as a link between health care service providers and patients to ensure that the charges applied, billing amount, etc., are correct and that the doubts, if any, are clarified
  • Collect required data from doctors treating the patients and compile it to send medical billing claims to the medical insurance service providers
  • Report to the patient accounting manager, who works in coordination with the management and external vendors, and provide him with the required documents to raise bills and claims
  • Communicate and coordinate with patients until payments are cleared and help them with the required documents for completing their claim applications
  • Draft monthly reports, review and analyze the same in discussions with manager, and work towards making them better and reducing the bad debts

Previous Work Experiences:

A] St. Pope's Life Care Medical Services, Baltimore, Maryland (2008 - 2013)
Designation: Patients Accounting Clerk
Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain records of patients with reference to their treatments, billing, etc.
  • Check the cost of treatments or medications used and raise bills accordingly
  • Prepare required documents needed to apply for insurance claims for the patients with cashless medical facility


  • Bachelor of Financial Accounting, St. Victor's University, Baltimore, Maryland - 2008

Computer Skills:

  • Excellence in using MS Excel to maintain huge databases and proficiency in using various accounting software


Willing to work in Maryland and/or Massachusetts


Available on request


Christie .J. Wilson

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