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Grant Accountant Resume

Resumes are essential structures which all job candidates must construct for their job applications, as they not only serve and act as tokens of professional identity for career oriented people but also as a general assurance to a recruiter that a candidate is capable of demonstrating at least the most basic of the professional competencies when a resume is presented before or during a job interview.

On this page, we deal with a resume sample for one profession in particular, namely the grant accountant.

Here, we will see the job description specifics of a grant accountant as well as a good illustration of a grant accountant resume.

Job Description of a Grant Accountant

The following details throw light on the various aspects of the grant accountant profile. Let us start with the basic functions that a grant accountant has to perform while executing his job:

Fundamental Duties of a Grant Accountant

A grant accountant has to basically oversee the accounts which have been awarded grants. He has to have a check on the payback capacity of the account holder and decide whether or not he or she is deserving to receive the future grants. A grant accountant has to make sure that the following duties are fulfilled:

  • Submission of financial documents dealing with various taxes
  • Preparation of a budget analysis report
  • Mailing of invoices on a regular basis
  • Communication with customers regarding their accounts and the grants they have been awarded

Average Salary of a Grant Accountant

Popular website puts up the average salary of a grant accountant as $51,000 (data compiled as of 2010).

Scope of the Grant Accountant Profile

There is a vast scope in the particular field of grant accounting. One could get into the work of handling grants for education sponsored by the government no less than research based grants as well as housing grants.

Resume Example

Name: Debra J. Ebert
Address: 1961 Linden Avenue, Orlando, FL 32789
Phone: 407 - 550 - 2539
Email ID:


To hone my skills in grant accounting while serving your esteemed establishment as well as take my previous work experience into consideration to contribute to my future endeavors, which are hopefully undertaken for your institution.

Skills Possessed:

  • Expertise in analyzing budget reports as well as the financial management demonstrated by the holder of the account requesting for a grant
  • Ability to send in the findings well on time and before the announced deadlines
  • Ability to regularly communicate and coordinate with all different sections of the institution
  • Adept at basic computer related skills

Previous Work Experience:

Grant Accountant, Angel Bay Group, Collinsport, Maine

I was a grant accountant at Angel Bay Group, Collinsport, Maine for the time period of June 2009 - August 2013. In my job as a grant accountant, I submitted budget and financial reports to the higher management, giving them the status on the financial position of the applicant who applied for a grant.

If the grant was approved, I would oversee the transaction of the grant to the candidate as well as perform grant close out duties as dictated by the Grants and Contracts Administration.

Academic Achievements:

Master's Degree in Business Administration with Honors in Finance and Accounting, Alfred University, CA, Batch of 2009
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Alfred University, CA, Batch of 2006

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