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Corporate Accountant Resume

Before getting into the details of a corporate accountant resume, we need to know that the corporate accountants are responsible for the consolidation of all financial reports from different departments throughout the company. After the consolidation, they analyze data and prepare in-depth corporate financial reports which would then be presented to the board of directors and stock holders of that particular company. Having the latest knowledge about tax and financial law terms is a mandatory requirement for this post.

The job opportunities are usually found in large corporate organizations comprising of many departments. A corporate accountant has to make sure that the data provided is accurate and genuine before proceeding with the further analysis procedures. Students graduating from a 4-year chartered accountant course through a recognized institution are eligible for such roles.

Resume Example

Frank L. Bell
1176 Joes Road
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone: 518-761-6742

Career Objective:

To attain the position of a Corporate Accountant in a reputed company and utilize my skills and expertise to provide excellent financial services and help grow my career at the same time.

Professional Summary:

A corporate accountant with four years of experience in the industry and exceptional grasp of the current trends in the market with an ability to provide sound financial advice.

Key Skills:

  • Adept in performing computer operations
  • Proficient in creating detailed financial reports
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Excellent in scrutinizing data
  • In-depth knowledge of financial laws
  • Excellent team management skills
  • Proficient in providing budget forecast
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Proficient in conducting financial audits

Educational Qualifications:

  • Chartered Accountant Course from New York Institute of Corporate Accountants, East Syracuse, NY (May 2005 to April 2009)
  • High School Diploma from Sanford Brown Institute of New York, New York, NY (April 2005)

Professional Experience:

Corporate Accountant
September - 2013 - Till Date
The Mike Anthony Company LLC, 3000 Bronx Park East, Bronx, NY
Job Responsibilities:

  • Providing final financial reports of the company to the board of directors and stockholders
  • Performing regular checks for compliance issues
  • Providing assistance in solving financial issues
  • Providing budget forecast based on financial statements on a quarterly basis
  • Providing regular feedback to employees
  • Conducting workshops on cost reduction and time management techniques
  • Provide training

Corporate Accountant
June, 2010 to August, 2013
The Prometheus Associates LLC, 316 E 63rd St Frnt. 2, New York, NY
Job Responsibilities:

  • Providing yearly and monthly financial operational and budget reports
  • Performing report analysis and providing advice for improvement
  • Performing research and finding areas of improvement
  • Performing reconciliation between the bank and internal ledger accounts
  • Handling a team of six members
  • Supervising the accounts team during the creation of budget forecasts
  • Maintaining a financial database of the salaries of all employees including the departmental expenditures
  • Performing corporate audits once a year
  • Performing company accounts analysis and finding the current company standing in the market

Corporate Accountant (Trainee)
May, 2008 to May, 2010 ABC Associates Pvt. Ltd., 34 3rd Ave., New York, NY

  • Providing assistance to the senior corporate accountants for creating reports and performing data reconciliation
  • Researching on the latest reporting methods used and sharing them with the rest of the team
  • Performing internal audits to find errors and provide solutions accordingly
  • Conducting team meetings to discuss on cost reduction
  • Learning and implementing waste elimination techniques


  • "Emerging Star" award for acquiring the highest score in the final exam conducted after a training program at ABC Associates Pvt. Ltd.
  • Appreciation letter from the senior accounts manager at The Prometheus Associates LLC for exceptional performance for 3 consecutive months
  • "Best Employee of the Month" award for the month of January in 2013


Name: Dale K. Ballard
Designation: Senior Accounts Manager
Organization: The Prometheus Associates LLC, 316 E 63rd St Frnt. 2, New York, NY
Phone: 423-887-5328

Name: Marya G. Hayes
Designation: Senior Corporate Accountant
Organization: ABC Associates Pvt. Ltd., 34 3rd Ave., New York, NY
Phone: 207-636-3418

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