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General and Personal Services Careers

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General and personal Services Careers are two different aspects of services in ones career. Both of these categories serve two different purposes in their own ways. There are different job roles in each of the category and each job has significance from the point of view of career.

When we talk about general service careers, there are a number of jobs which come under this category. We will look at few of these job profiles, and their importance.


  • Postal Delivery Worker: Their job is to sort the posts, make their packages according to the localities, and then deliver them on the given addresses, home or business. Their duties include sorting of letters or posts on the basis of addresses on the sorting frame.

    Operating of the integrated mail processor, which is the mail handling equipment. He/she should be maintaining records of the deliveries. The role also includes taking signatures for the registered documents and deliveries.

    A post delivery worker has to deal with wrong addresses and returned mails. A post delivery worker's job is even tougher in rural areas.

  • Community Transport Driver: Their job is to pick and drop people from door to door, very much like a taxi or a cab. They can be driving cars, mini buses and coaches.

    Community transport is a local transport service which can be taken by elderly people or children also. Their duty also comprises of deciding the best and shortest routes to the destination. They should be maintaining total safety while driving, and also while stopping at the destination stops.

They should be responsible enough to help people while getting in or getting out of the vehicle. They should be alert enough to take care of the condition of the vehicle by doing regular checks of the vehicle. He should also be aware about the cleanliness maintained in the journey, so that no passenger has any kind of problems and complaints.

There are a lot of other jobs that come under general services and can be taken as a long term career.

The personal services refer to the career that has nothing to be done with general services; it's only concerned with the services offered personally. The personal services offer services to an individual at a time. We can see the examples mentioned below.


  • Beauty Therapist: Their job is to give beauty treatments to their clients, which include face and body treatments. This is done for enhancing the client's appearance.

    The Beauty Therapists' job includes tasks like face cleaning, massaging, and toning of skin. They also give electro therapy treatments to improve the shape and tone the body. They also do non-surgical skin rejuvenating therapies. They also do UV and spray tanning.

    They also perform other tasks like answering enquiry calls on the reception, book appointments, check the orders and supplies. Maintain nice and friendly terms with the clients and also maintain their health records.

  • Wedding Planner: In their kind of job they basically meet the couple to be wedded, and then decide their plans and their budget. They can arrange the entire wedding, or if desired, they can do the arrangements only for the certain aspects of the wedding.

    They come up with nice and creative themes, and give their clients a wide range of options, they can choose from. They explain the wedding etiquettes that should be followed during the entire wedding. They make complete proposal quotations for the work they are assigned with.

    They work for long hours, as they have their deadlines decided, and their job is totally result-oriented; so they have to keep working according to their limitations.

    There is no such standard qualification required for the job of a wedding planner. It is a self- employed business, which needs good creativity and the right set of skills.

There are a lot of other private services careers as well, which have covered the market in a huge ratio. They could be careers of bodyguards, cleaners, chauffeurs, etc.

General and Personal Services Careers have developed as great career scopes and in the long run they result quite well. The General and personal Services both hold their own significance and importance as they serve mass in different aspects.

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