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Cemetery workers (even recognized like gravediggers) care for grave and memorial sites, as well as dig graves.

Since a cemetery worker you'd:

  • calculate and mark-out grave spaces
  • dig graves by a motorized digger or hand-spade
  • uphold the walls/sides of the grave by means of timber, utilizing hydraulic utensils
  • maintain graves organized
  • test headstones in favor of damage and take away those that aren't secure
  • take care of grass as well as plants in the region of the cemetery


You don't require any trainings/qualifications to turn into a cemetery worker, even though you'll generally necessitate various reading as well as writing ability.

You should be healthy enough to deal with manual job, and it'll be helpful if you've several applicable experiences like gardening.


Just the once you begin working you'll get on-job teaching. Your manager may as well organize for you to accomplish training within the utilization of mechanical digging utensils and/or horticulture.

You could be competent to effort in the direction of Level - 2 Award or Certification or Diplomacy within Work based Horticulture.

You can even join the Cemetery Operative Training-Scheme: COTS, that's carried out through the (ICCM) Institution of Cemetery and Crematorium Management by the Berkshire Agriculture College or at your individual workplace. The training contains:

  • a 5 day certification into Health and Safety plus Burial Processes
  • the Excavator-Operation Certification
The ICCM even carries out the Crematorium Technician's Teaching Scheme as well as courses in favor of managers, together with the BTEC: HNC within Cemetery and Crematoria Mgmt. You can get additional information on the ICCM site.


  • the capability to utilize (or be trained to use) motorized digging tools
  • practical as well as gardening skill
  • the capability to effort by yourself and being element of a team
  • eagerness to effort out-of-doors within every weathers
  • the facility to go after commands plus work within set policies
  • a respectful and diplomatic manner while managing the public
  • Salaries could be among £12,000 and above £16,500 in a year.
  • Superiors can produce up to £26,000.

You'll normally effort 9am - 5pm from Monday to Friday; however you might even necessitate to labor at week-ends. You would be required to perform several physical works, and remain outdoors during all types of weather. You'll be offered through overalls.


Look forward to jobs within regional newspapers, on Job center plus bureaus and on career-jobs sites.

By means of experience, you could be proficient to steps forward to work as supervisor. If your post occupies clerical tasks, you might educate for evolution within a cemetery management career.


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