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Dry-cleaners utilize chemicals as well as machinery to dirt free clothes and additional objects prepared by material that couldn't be cleaned or washed. Several work on behalf of high street dry cleaning shops, although others are engaged through huge cleaning plants where they function industrialized dry-cleaning machines.

Since a dry-cleaner, your main tasks may perhaps contain:

  • captivating items as of customers as well as offering them a group ticket
  • inspecting items for damage and arranging them in accordance with color as well as sort of fabric
  • labeling with bar-codes or else processor chips for classification
  • caring for intense stains by spotting by means of chemicals prior to cleaning

  • weighing objects/items plus loading them in machineries
  • setting up the machine to the accurate program relying on the kind of fabric along with the amt. of soiling
  • adding clean-up fluid, generally percholorethyne (recognized as 'perc')
  • examining, folding, pressing or else hanging and covering up the objects once cleaning
  • providing cleaned objects back to clients and managing payments
Within an industrial situation, you'd operate large scale machines moreover effort with administrators and distribution panels.


You don't generally require any credentials to turn into a dry cleaner. For job into a big dry-cleaning place it'll be helpful if you've experience of controlling machinery.

If you would like to effort like a dry cleaner within a high-street shop it might be a benefit to contain earlier experience of shop effort otherwise customer-service.


Just the once you begin working you'll typically get on-job training by experienced employees. You could be competent to effort in the direction of credentials like:

  • NVQ: (Level 2) into Dry-Cleaning Operations
  • NVQ: (Level 2) in Dry-Cleaning Service Support.
The (GCL) Guild of Cleaners and Launderers carries out a Qualification-Star Scheme through assessments into retail sales, dirt removal, garment concluding and dry cleaning. Observe the GCL site for more information.

SATRA's Clean-up Technology center carries out short-courses (mostly within Kettering, Northampton shire) on different dry cleaning abilities, like dry cleaning practice, dirt or stain removal and introducing a dry cleaning store. Notice the SATRA site for further details.

The Textile-Services Association even runs short-courses as well as seminars on behalf of members. The Dry-Cleaning and clothing presser Technology Center, situated in Ilkley runs classes/courses on the higher-level technological plus management skillfulness required into the industry.


  • excellent observational ability and awareness to detail
  • the capability to document objects/items precisely
  • customer-service talent (if functioning within a dry cleaning store)
  • the skill to function machinery plus trail instructions
  • the capability to manage cash if operating into a dry cleaning shop
  • an attentiveness of health and safety concerns
      • Dry cleaners may gross between approximately £12,300 and £15,000 or additional yearly.
      • Managers could get up to roughly £22,000.

      In a high-street store you'd generally effort 40 hrs in a week, from Monday to Saturday, helping customers along with working on dry cleaning tools/machinery. Within an industrialized cleaning co. you may perhaps effort longer hrs scheduled a shift structure into a industrial unit environment.

      You'll obtain contact with chemicals and chemical smoke, thus this sort of job might not be appropriate if you've some allergies, inhalation problems otherwise skin complaints.


      Within a dry cleaning place you might growth to administrator otherwise manager. Into a dry-cleaning store, you may perhaps be supporting store manager. If your store is element of a chain you might be proficient to steps forward to manager of a bigger shop, otherwise to area or regional administration.


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