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Caretakers take care of buildings like schools, blocks of flats and community centers ensuring they're safe, clean as well as well maintained.

Your responsibilities as a caretaker will differ according to the particular employment however may comprise:

  • administering cleaning workers/staff
  • executing minute repairs also reporting main problems
  • making certain that lighting, heating and alarm system are going on when required
  • ensuring that doors and windows are sheltered while the building isn't in use
  • inspecting the property/premises to security against damage or else break-ins

  • opening-up the building during the morning moreover locking it by the end of the day
  • organizing chairs and tables for conferences/meetings and clearing afterwards
  • arranging fuel, novel equipment as well as furniture
  • Take bookings if rooms into the building are obtainable for rent
You can be hired being a mobile caretaker, accountable for numerous diverse sites.


Your skillfulness and capability to perform the work will generally be additionally essential than credentials. Practical ability for e.g. carpentry and DIY could be helpful. It may perhaps even be a plus point if you've applicable job experience, possibly being a porter, otherwise within maintenance or else security job.

You'd require CRB: Criminal-Records Bureau authorization to effort into schools.


Just the once you begin working you'll obtain on-job training, generally below the administration of a knowledgeable coworker.

You might be competent to accomplish the given below credentials:

  • NVQ: Level - 2 into Cleaning and Support Services
  • Certification into Skills on behalf of Supporting Public-Services (honored via NOCN and NCFE).
You might as well learn by distance-learning in favor of the Chartered Institution of Housing: CIH (Level 3) Certification into Housing that contains the given below alternatives:
  • Caretaking as well as Concierge Service
  • Support Housing
You may get information on the CIH site.


  • consistency and good time-keeping
  • practical skillfulness to perform minor repairs
  • the capability to administer your individual workload
  • the talent to administer cleaning workers and handle contractors
  • attentiveness of safety, health, security and hygiene issues
  • Earnings could begin at approximately £12,500 in a year.
  • Superior caretakers may get £21,600 or extra in a year.
A flat otherwise house at free otherwise subsidized rent is incorporated through several jobs .


You'd typically effort 37 hrs in a week, which might contain early mornings, evenings and week-ends. In several employments you may perhaps have 24 hour on-call tasks, or labor split-shifts, together with mornings as well as evenings with time-off during the afternoon.

Since a mobile caretaker, you'd effort through a particularly set van.

A few of your job might be physically challenging, concerning lifting, in addition to sometimes utilizing ladders.


You can be working as a caretaker through organizations like local-authorities, housing associations, churches along with big companies. Look forward to vacancies within local newspapers and Job center Plus agencies.

In various places, such as big schools as well as office-blocks, you may effort within a team among numerous additional caretakers. Through experience, you might include the prospects to turn out to be a supervisor. You can even shift within cleaning administration, which might present a route into facilities-management.

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