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Displaced Homemaker (Caretaking Resume)

If you are a displaced homemaker and need to draft a resume for caretaking (or care-giving), you need to provide a brief explanation of your situation in the career objective, which acts as an official title to your resume, placing before the reader your interests, goals, and scenario with utmost clarity. As a homemaker having taken a long break from employment and resuming the course after a considerable amount of time, as a result of relocating to a new place, this is likely to be considered as a loophole in your profile. However, providing information that the employers ever seek from the candidates will certainly trigger a healthy impression about you in the minds of the reader/recruiter. Now what is that the employers seek in your resume? The needs of each employer differ from the other, with their expectations from an employee tracing back to the given company's vision. You, as a candidate longing for an opportunity to enter the field of caretaking, must ensure that the information that you project in your resume should be in accordance with the requirements specified by the employer. And for this, you will have to contact the employer prior to drafting your application and discuss his needs, in order to acquire a better picture as to how and what you need to include in your resume.

Following your objective, include a section to outline your skills and capabilities. Including this section immediately after the objective is a strategy that is most likely to grab the attention of the reader, if the information portrayed in both the sections is carefully framed. Mention only the most significant skills that you possess, and definitely only those that possess utmost relevance to caretaking as a profession. The skills section in a caretaking resume should especially reflect your humbleness, sincerity, and willingness to be of assistance to the needy. Include about 6 points here, highlighting them using bullets for better visibility. Also include a profile summary following the objective, to provide an outline of your profile, before you introduce the reader to your strengths. Include the most significant points pertaining to your qualification/profile, skipping all mundane facts and figures. These three sections form the major part of your resume, holding its significance in gaining the confidence of the reader.

The second part of the resume that bears the information of your education and professional qualification, does the essential job of holding onto the attention of the reader, until he's through reviewing your application. Compliment your resume with an effectively crafted caretaking cover letter, where you need to provide a brief introduction of your profile, while keeping the content quite personalized. The cover letter is the first document that falls on the recruiter's hands, and the quality of its contents determines whether the recruiter will actually choose to read your resume. Superficially written letters only go through the shredder, so take a considerable amount of time in preparing your job application. Given below is a free sample of a caretaking resume for displaced homemakers.

Lyla D. Griswold
4730 Sycamore Street
San Jose, CA 95118
(408) 978-9564

Career Objective:

Homemaker and a bachelor of commerce, recently moved to CA, seeks an opportunity to provide personalized care for the needy, irrespective of their ages, with the quality of service unchanging and undiminished each time.

Profile Summary:

  • Worked as an English teacher for St. John High School for 2 years
  • Worked part time as a Librarian for 14 months for the same school
  • Overlooked the annual organ donation and blood donation campaign, involving the participation of high school students
  • Known languages - English (read, write, speak) and Spanish (read, speak)
  • Monitored the performance of the students regularly, to determine effective improvement strategies
  • Acted as a guardian-teacher for few students belonging to 7th and 8th grades, to prepare them for knowledge boosting programs involving crafting, literature, and art, conducted throughout the year

Key Skills:

  • Highly self-motivated with strong willingness to serve for humanity
  • Strong sense of equality, belonging, and compassion towards all residents of the society
  • Proficient in situation handling, good degree of decisiveness
  • Expert in communication - written and verbal
  • Free from sub-conscious restraints pertaining to emotional releases
  • Physically fit and healthy all year round, clinical analysis shows strong immunity towards diseases

Work History:

Employer: St. John High School - San Jose, CASep 2006 till Oct 2008
Designation: Lecturer
Duration: 26 months

Employer: San Jose Public Library - San Jose, CAJul 2005 till Aug 2006
Designation: Librarian
Duration: 14 months


Master of Arts (Literature)2006
National University - San Jose, CA
Placed in grade B

Bachelor of Arts (English)2004
Devry University - San Jose, CA
Placed in grade A


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