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Domestic Energy Assessor Careers

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Work Environment:

As a domestic energy assessor (also recognized as DEA), you'd examine building's energy efficiency and recommend on how to improve it. This job position was formed by the requirement for house owners to give an EPC (Energy-Performance Certificate) when houses are leased out or put for sale within Wales and England.

Being a domestic energy assessor, you'd:

  • advise homeowners on how to develop the energy-efficiency of house
  • noting down the size and number of fireplaces, corridors and windows
  • clarify ratings for energy efficiency to house owners

  • examine properties to gather data on building type, number of storey, hot water and heating systems, and their age
  • adding data into a software program, which would generate a rating for energy efficiency and an EPC
The EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is an obligatory component of the HIP (Home-Information Pack). For further details, see the website of Business Link.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

You'll require Third level Diploma in Domestic Energy Assessment, to be domestic energy assessor. This includes accomplishing minimum 5 evaluated EPCs and giving a multiple option examination.

The training amount you require before acquiring the Diploma would rely on your skills. If you've work experience into an associated area, e.g. in construction or property surveying, you'll require less training.

The Diploma in Domestic Energy Assessment is offered by 3 awarding organizations:

  • ABBE: Awarding-Body for the Built Environment)
  • NFOPP: National Federation of Property-Professionals Awarding Body)
  • City and Guilds
For additional information, check the websites of awarding organizations. Numerous colleges and training course providers give related training.

Visit the website of Asset Skills Energy Assessor, for details regarding training and skills required for DEA.

Generally, you'd require a driving license, as your job would include voyaging to various sites to execute inspections.

The APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) course might be appropriate for you, if you've substantial work experience into energy assessment or surveying. This denotes that you'll be required to show to the accreditation program that you're proficient to work as a domestic energy assessor without accomplishing the diploma course.

If you consider that you might be qualified for accreditation by the APEL course, you must confirm with the schemes of accreditation which provide this course in order that they could evaluate whether it'd be appropriate for you. For information, check the website of Asset Skills-Energy Assessors.

Training Details:

You'll be necessitated to enroll with an acknowledged scheme of accreditation, before working as a domestic energy assessor. This'll include:

  • an inspection that your experience and/or qualifications is applicable
  • maintaining your knowledge and skills updated with CPD (continuing professional development)
  • a criminal-records check
  • drawing out occupational indemnity-insurance
For information on approved schemes of accreditation, check the website of CLG (Communities and Local Government).

Skills and knowledge:

  • the abilities to manage a small firm , if working freelance basis
  • IT abilities for utilizing software program to generate the EPC
  • understanding of heating systems, construction techniques and materials
  • the capability to clarify the details of the EPC to customers
  • a methodical, consistent and systematic manner
  • the capability to build fine working relations with people
  • excellent time management abilities
  • the capability to maintain complete, precise and comprehensible records
  • a knowledge of the regulations encompassing this role
  • the capability to make precise measurements
  • excellent observational abilities

Salary and Other Benefits:

Salaries will be decided by market circumstances within your sector and the complexity, type and size of the assets.

Working Conditions:

You can decide to work on part time or full time basis, although you might be required to perform inspections at weekends or in the evenings to go well with your customers.

Being a freelance DEA, you'd be capable to schedule your hours of working as per workload.

Different Opportunities:

For non domestic buildings, EPCs has become obligatory in 2008. Being a domestic energy assessor, you can decide to get additional training so you can perform these inspections. For information, visit the website of CLG.

Once you've entitled as a DEA, you might have the chance to achieve a top-up qualification to work as a home inspector. You can also acquire the ABBE: Fourth level Certificate into Valuation of Residential-Property. For information, check the website of ABBE.

You can discover work chances with valuers, HIP providers, surveyors, solicitors and estate agents. You can also work freelance basis.


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