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Nowadays, construction careers in the field of architecture and civil engineering are bringing in new opportunities for several aspiring candidates, providing them with an opportunity to explore and define excellence in their own way. Construction is a process of infrastructure building and development, which consists of large scale as well as small scale projects; large scale construction projects are believed to be noteworthy acts of multitasking, however, small construction projects do play a major role in the development of the infrastructure of the nation.

As a business, construction companies generate a huge amount of revenue, although, one needs to invest an equally huge sum of money, in order to carry out the projects successfully. Amongst all careers in construction, the safety of the team working on it is of the primary concern. This makes the job of a construction manager very challenging and responsible, as he has to ensure the safety of his/her team of engineers.

Careers in construction are divided into 3 major categories, depending upon the candidate's qualifications -

  • Unskilled/semi-skilled - laborers working on site with little or no qualifications in construction
  • Skilled - managers working on-site, leading the team of engineers, who possess extensive knowledge in construction
  • Technical/management - highly efficient professionals, who design, manage and direct the process of construction

The best means of getting into the profession of construction is by taking up apprenticeships, where the candidates are provided with class-room training as well as on-the-job training under the supervision of a certified journey person. Apprentices, in the field of construction, get paid 60% of the journey person's hourly wages, which is bound to increase during their apprenticeship.

Before seeking a job in the field of construction, you need to be aware of the factors that are taken into consideration in a construction project, namely -

  • Effective planning and designing of the project
  • Impact of the project on the environment
  • Error-proof scheduling
  • Cost-effective budgeting, not compromising on the quality of construction
  • Safety of the construction site
  • Availability of resources and raw materials
  • Logistics and transportation of goods involved in the process of construction
  • Public inconvenience caused by delays due to various reasons

Career prospects in construction

Construction as a profession, offers several opportunities to aspiring engineers, architects, and laborers, providing them with a perfect platform for development within the field of construction. Construction is an industry that will never decline, the rising population being the very influence on the ever-increasing land rates. Construction, either industrial or domestic, is seen as the most successful, dominant, revenue generating industry as of now, for it brings in plethora of opportunities for growth in the field of construction.

Following are a few profiles relevant to the field of construction -

Construction Manager

As a construction manager, you are expected to plan, organize, analyze, and direct the construction activities of a given organization while coordinating with the senior personnel within the management. You are required to work in four different sectors of construction, namely -

  • New home building and renovation
  • Heavy industrial
  • Institutional and academic
  • Civil Engineering

Construction Estimator

A construction estimator's duties and responsibilities include the analysis and estimation of the cost of architectural, electrical, civil engineering, and mechanical construction projects; most of them usually specialize in a particular sector, so as to increase their efficiency within one specified discipline of the field.

The nature of the job insists that the estimator works from the company, but there might be times when he/she may need to visit the construction site in order to meet project stakeholders, and review and track the project's progress to prepare accurate reports, which are used as a reference for future projects.

Construction Millwrights or Industrial Mechanics

Construction millwrights, together with industrial mechanics, handle the installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of industrial machinery and equipment. You are bound to find plenty of employment opportunities in amusement parks, manufacturing industries, and construction companies. The work may include working indoors as well as outdoors, often with construction professionals from outside the organization. Working with heavy equipment and machinery makes this job physically demanding, although there's really nothing hostile about it.

Besides the above construction careers, there are plenty of jobs available for architects, civil engineers, project engineers and managers, building services engineer, quantity surveyor, and structural engineers.

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