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Work Environment:

Being a body pierce, you will pierce different parts of your customer's bodies through a piercing gun or needle and then put in various kinds of jewelry and metal like a form of beautification or decoration.

Your job will consist of:

  • talking with the users or customers the kind of piercing they desire and give an opinion on what can be suitable
  • clarifying the method as well as mentioning any threats involved
  • directing on suitable kinds of jewelry and metal
  • sterilize the part of jewelry plus the part which is going to be pierced

  • discarding the needle taking care of health and safety guidelines
  • instructing the customer how to look after the piercing since it heals, and what to do if there's a trouble
You can even guide as a tattooist, and recommend this service in addition to piercing. Go through the Tattooist summary for information.

Qualification, Education and Experience:

It's usual for body pierces to teach via an apprenticeship by a trained and experienced pierce. You must approach honest regional authorized body pierces in favor of details of probable training prospects.

You might carry out small training courses run by Pvt. Studios all over the country. On the other hand, it's not probable to grow to be a completely skilled body pierce through this route, and it's suggested by the trade that you accomplish an apprenticeship. This is due to the severe health troubles which may be occurred by unhygienic or wrong piercing.

Regional environmental health division arranges requirements on behalf of cleanliness of piercing-premises, cataloging of the pierce and decontamination of the utensils. These might differ from one region to another; hence it's essential to consult your local committee.

If you are only concerned in ear-piercing, you may complete the VTCT: Vocational Training Charitable-Trust (Level:2) Certification in Ear-Piercing.

Training Details:

The duration of your apprenticeship will fluctuate as per the procedures of the studio concerned; however it might take around 1 or 3 years.

Your apprenticeship could contain education in relation to:

  • disinfectant/disinfection
  • sterilization
  • cross contamination
  • the probable risks to the nervous and circulatory systems
  • how to make out at what time a piercing isn't right for a customer
  • other health and safety related issues
Skills and Knowledge:
  • Excellent hand-eye synchronization and a stable hand
  • Extremely high standard of hygiene and regular alertness of the need intended for cleanliness
  • Understanding of health and safety
  • Fine verbal communication ability
  • Customer service proficiency
Salary and Other Benefits:

Your earning depends on your own talent and capability, the status of the salon or studio and, if you are self employed, your skill to support your business.

Other aspects that will influence your income are the no. of hrs you effort, the amt. of struggle in the district, and whether you recommend tattooing plus piercing.

Being a trainee you might just receive traveling everyday expenditure at various studios, at more studios you will be paid an income.

Working Conditions:

You will generally effort 5 or 6 days in a week, frequently counting week-ends. If your studio presents late night openings, you might even work during the evening.

You will be studio or salon based, which might be component of a beauty shop. You can even effort like an ear-pierce into a jewelry store.

Different Opportunities:

You be competent to work being a body pierce within piercing studios, tattoo shop and beauty treatment salons all over the UK. You may perhaps furthermore effort as an ear-pierce into a jewelers shop.

Since an experienced body-pierce, you can establish your individual salon, probably hiring additional tattooists or pierces.

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