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The career options have widened these days. Earlier it was only Doctors or Engineers that people knew. Times have changed now. People have a wide scope of career options to choose from. Today people not only pursue a career, but they pursue their interest and passion. People are opting for more creative careers in arts, craft and design. These careers help them put their creativity in use, make money and at the same time convert their interests in their career. To work in this field with some organization, the aspiring candidate will need an art, craft and design resume.

The scope of arts, craft and design is not limited. We have listed some career options in the arts, craft and design arena below:

  • Animator
  • Art Director
  • Antique Dealer
  • Black Smith
  • Ceramic Design Maker
  • Costume Designer
  • Choreographer
  • Exhibition Concept Planner
  • Footwear Designer
  • Glass Design maker
  • Graphic Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Jewelry Designer
  • Machinist
  • Painter
  • Sculpture
  • Tattooist
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Web Designer, etc.

These are just a few. The arts and craft field is so vast that stating all the categories is difficult. Also, the people working in this field are scattered all over the globe. There are many fine artists in smaller cities and villages that hardly connect to the outer world and their art is confined in that particular area. Seeing this many organizations have come up with many business ideas that help in explore these talents and make money while the artists get recognition, fame and money for their work.

To apply for jobs in this field, you would need a resume, unless you wish to work independently. The basic style of writing a resume for these jobs remains the same. The resume will contain information like - name, contact details, qualification and experience. The other part of the resume would be describing the work done by you. For example, if you are an Interior Designer, your work cannot be understood, only by mentioning the degrees, and years of experience. You need to mention some projects you have undertaken. All the projects that you have worked on might not be very popular. Thus, to portray your work, you can attach some pictures of your interior designing assignments, and send it along with your resume. In case of Graphic Designer, mention the websites or products you have worked on; send a soft copy via email, and portray your work. This is very essential in the field of arts and craft to get your resume short-listed for an interview. Write a cover letter that would elaborate on your work and skills. The cover letter designs and resume when sent together will definitely strengthen your job application. Art is a field where you cannot speak and explain your talent and work. You have to show your work if you wish to explain what you have done in this field, and how your work is better than the others. One cannot speak and explain the difference between the works of two artists. The two works can be of different genres, or the same genres; however, which one is better, can be understood only by seeing both the assignments. Thus, accompanying visual cues of your work is a must for this kind of a job application.

The popularity and scope in this field is increasing day by day, and so is the number of people entering this field. Today, many incline towards pursuing their interests, and converting them into their careers; the competition in the same has increased to a great extent. Thus, one needs to present himself/herself as the best, to gain success.

In this section, we would discuss about such fields and provide all the information you wanted. We would guide you about the qualifications, skills, scope, income, etc. of these fields, and help you decide and choose your career smartly. In the links below, you would find almost every category in the arts, craft and design field. If you wish to choose one from this as your career, read the career guide on that particular profile, and then make a wise decision.

Animator Career
Antique Dealer Career
Architect Career
Architectural Technician or Technologist Career
Art Editor Career
Art Gallery Curator Career
Art Therapist Career
Blacksmith Career
Body Pierce Career
Bookbinder or Print Finisher Career
Cabinet Maker Career
CAD Technician Career
Ceramics Designer-Maker Career
Clothing Alteration Hand Career
Community Arts Worker Career
Conservator Career
Costume Designer Career
Design Engineer Career
Dressmaker Career
Ergonomics Career
Exhibition Designer Career
Fashion Design Assistant Career
Fashion Designer Career
Fine Artist Career
Footwear Designer Career
French Polisher Career
Furniture Designer Career
Furniture Restorer Career
Glass Engraver Career
Glass Maker Career
Graphic Designer Career
Hat Designer or Milliner Career
Illustrator Career
Interior Designer Career
Jewelry Designer-Maker Career
Leather Craft Worker Career
Machine Printer Career
Medical Illustrator Career
Model Maker Career
Naval Architect Career
Pattern Cutter Career
Pattern Grader Career
Photographic Stylist Career
Picture Framer Career
Pre-press Operator Career
Printing Administrator Career
Product Designer Career
Reprographics Assistant Career
Sample Machinist Career
Sewing Machinist Career
Sign Writer Career
Stonemason Career
Tailor Career
Tattooist Career
Textile Designer Career
Upholsterer Career
Web Designer

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