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Since a window cleaner, you'd clean windows as well as further glass exteriors on buildings. You can:

  • effort on ground-level and might utilize ladders for reaching higher level windows (even though in favor of security reasons lots of window cleaners nowadays make use of a water fed pole), otherwise
  • work on heights, cleaning-up windows scheduled sky-scraping buildings plus tower slabs - you'd apply power controlled work-platforms ('cradle') that clutch cables as of the building, or else ropes in addition to abseiling harness
You may even be asked to perform further work at height, for example clean up gutters moreover cleaning paint work otherwise UPVC windowpane frames.

You'll frequently be freelance, and have to get customers, agree a value for every job, and collect payments and total accounts along with tax-returns.


You don't require some exacting training to turn out to be a window-cleaner.

A driving license is valuable, however not necessary.

You might be competent to gain entry in this occupation by an Apprenticeship method. The variety of Apprenticeships obtainable within your region will rely on the local employment market and the sorts of talent employers require as of their employees.


Just the once you're functioning like a window cleaner, you might be proficient to accomplish the given below credentials:

  • Level (1 and 2) Award or Certification Diplomacy into Cleaning and Support Services ability
  • Level - 2 Awards or Certification or Diplomacy within Cleaning-Principles (since August, 2010).
To job at heights, you should be skilled/trained (and generally include a certification) in the utilization of power operated access equipment otherwise abseiling methods. You may accomplish classes by the (IRATA) Industrialized Rope-Access Trade Association and the (IPAF) International Powered-Access Federation.

If you administer additional personnel you might be competent to finish Level - 3 Award or Certification or Diplomacy into Cleaning-Supervision Skills.


  • eagerness to effort outside within all weather conditions
  • the capability to effort at heights
  • attentiveness of safety necessities
  • the capability to study to utilize power managed lifting-equipment, for high-level cleaning
Since a freelance window cleaner you'll as well require:
  • organizational ability to map your individual job schedule, plus self-control to continue to it
  • the capacity to perform paperwork moreover maintain accounts (or get someone to accomplish this in favor of you)
  • the capability to cost posts, discuss prices and convince customers to compensate on time.

Window-cleaners functioning in support of a agreement cleaning co. can gross between £14,600 and £21,000. Self employed window-cleaners settle on their personal rates, plus their incomes rely on how many clients they cover.


If you're working through a cleaning-contractor, you're expected to effort a 40 hour in a week. If you're freelance, you'll be competent to opt the hrs you labor - you may job extended hours into summer to produce sufficient capital to cover up the short days into winter.

You'd generally effort out-doors into the majority weather situation.


Lots of cleaners are freelance, and start up costs is practically low. You might exert single-handedly, or occupy other workers.

You can even get job with contract-cleaners otherwise expert window cleaning groups or firms. Through experience, you might be proficient to steps forward to turn out to be a administrator or else manager.


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