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Like a postal-delivery worker, you'd arrange letters and minute packages prior to conveying/delivering them to residence as well as industries.

You'll usually be based into a regional delivery organization, and contain a round otherwise 'walk' covering up hundreds of addresses. You can in addition effort within a larger mail progression center, managing received and forwarding mail in favor of delivery all over the country as well as overseas.

Your responsibilities would consist of:

  • cataloging mail via hand, in address arranged on a cataloging frame
  • working on automatic mail managing tools, recognized as integrated-mail processor (IMP's)
  • sending letters/mail on foot, utilizing a cycle or through van

  • gathering consumers signature in support of register post and verified deliveries
  • taking mail from post offices, post-boxes and industries in the locality
  • coping with incorrectly addressed or else returned mails
  • shifting mail to and from process centers, deliverance offices, railways and airports
Since a mail delivery employee into a rural or countryside region, you might have additional duties, like distributing milk plus further goods.


You don't require some particular credentials to accomplish this profession however your interview might generally contain an competitive aptitude-test. This test is considered to confirm that you may interpret addresses correctly and mark errors.

You might be proficient to enter this occupation via finishing an Apprenticeship. The variety of Apprenticeships obtainable within your district will rely on the regional employment market and the sorts of ability employers require as of their employees.

You'd necessitate a driving-license with merely 6 endorsement ('points') on it in support of whichever driving jobs you might have.


As you begin working, you'll generally obtain 2 to 3 day's induction guidance by a head-office, previous to shifting to your district-delivery office. You'd then be guided on-job, below the administration of experienced personnel.

You can effort in the direction of the NVQ: Level - 2 into Mail-Services, which have elements in:

  • categorizing mail
  • sending mail
  • make use of automated system
  • collecting and transferring mail
Notice the Skill for Logistics site for further information in relation to applicable qualifications.


  • a superior altitude of health
  • honesty and reliability
  • excellent punctuality plus the capability to maintain delivery timetable
  • good understanding, inscription and math's skill
  • the capability to manage cyclical assignments rapidly and proficiently
  • fundamental computer skill on behalf of clerical duties, like redirecting mail
  • superior communication as well as customer-service skillfulness
  • the capability to effort single-handedly or like element of a team
  • an attentiveness of health and safety measures
  • Preliminary salaries are approximately £16,000 in a year.
  • Subsequent to one year's service, this go up to roughly £18,000.
There are additional payments meant for un-social hrs, driving tasks plus extra responsibilities. Postal-workers inside and in the region of London generally get a high salary.


You'd effort up to 40 hrs in a week full-time, together with Saturday morning. You can include the alternative to job part time hrs otherwise over-time, mostly at Christmas.

You can cover up 2 or 3 miles every day for your deliveries, and your mail pocket may perhaps weigh around 16kg at the beginning of your round, even though you might be competent to exercise a mail trolley or else cycle. You'd be estimated to effort in every climatic environment.

Your manager/employer would offer you by a uniform and foot-wear.


Notice the Royal-Mail site, or get in touch with your regional/local delivery-office for details regarding job openings. You may get addresses into the local phone-book otherwise by inquiring at your nearby post-office.

You might even get delivery profession with additional licensed mail-operators

By experience, you can be endorsed to upper grades such as post office assistant, supervisor and manager. You may perhaps also shift into parcel deliverance, courier job, post-office counter effort, or customer-care and supervision in district-offices.

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