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Human Services Worker (Juvenile and Family) Resume

A human services worker (Juvenile and family) resume is specified for the candidate who is specialized in the services for children and families. He/she has to be very attentive and equipped with the solutions for any emergency situation. One of the main duties of a human service worker, for juvenile and family is, looking after infants and old age people of the family. The social service worker takes care of infants by handling their regular activities, looking after their food and eating habits etc. He has to work for prolonged hours, if a family member he is working for is sick, or out of station. This can mostly happen in case of single-parent families.

The human service worker does not just have to execute domestic tasks for his clients, but he has to help them in socializing and should give assistance to improvise their functionality. This is especially important in regards of the children. Parenting old persons in the house is an equally difficult task. The worker should be able to handle mood tantrums of that elderly person in the house; and at the same time he should be able to take proper care of such a person.

Human Services Worker (Juvenile and Family) Resume

Alicia W. Martinez
233 Burwell Heights Road
Beaumont, TX 77701
Phone- 409-498-9673
Date- June 16, 2010

Career Objective:

Searching a job as human services worker (Juvenile and Family) to show my skills and experience for the development of the particular organization.

Educational Qualifications:

  • Completed MA in Social Work from New York University, NY (2006)
  • Completed BA in Social Work from New York University, NY (2004)

Key Skills:

  • Able to provide human services on a daily basis
  • Interest in patient and their family care
  • Good knowledge of human services
  • Excellent in verbal English communication
  • Able to handle emergency condition as a professional
  • Good with children care

Professional Experience:

Welcome Health Care, Stanford, CT (2006 - Present)
Human Service Worker
Work Responsibilities-

  • Provided information to patients and to their families on different treatment services
  • Helped patients to carry out their day to day activities such as dressing, toileting etc.
  • Motivated patients and their families

ABC Primary School New York, NY (1996 - 2000)
Human Service Worker
Work Responsibilities-

  • Worked as a link between students' families and the school
  • Provided information on different career opportunities to students
  • Helped students to choose their career field after completing high school diploma

Sunshine Mental Health Care Boston, MA (2003 - 2006)
Human Service Worker
Work Responsibilities-

  • Provided information to family on how to care mentally disturbed patients
  • Treated individuals with mental illness
  • Worked in a children special word


Awarded as a 'Best Health Service Worker' from my previous organization, Welcome Health Care, Stanford. Earned a gold medal from the organization.


John S. Dolloff
Welcome Health Care, Stanford
3107 Lewis Street
Stanford, IL 60506
Phone- 630-892-5679

A sample human services worker (Juvenile and Family) resume is given to help aspiring candidates in applying for their dream job. From this sample resume, one can simply make his/her resume for this position and retain the maximum chances to get selected for the next round.

The resume for a human service worker has to be describing about every area, the candidate has worked on. Any additional qualification, concerning children or senior citizen care is an additional advantage for the applicant. As in this job, experience is more valued than the educational qualifications; it should be highlighted in the resume in a proper way. All the best for your dream job!

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