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Chimney sweep is responsible for cleaning the chimneys of open fires and the flues for coal, oil, gas and wood-fired heating system and cooking machines. Your work can help to decrease the risks of chimney fires and dangerous fumes.

Your everyday activities will include:

  • inspecting the flue and chimneys before cleaning
  • defending the surrounding area with the intention that garbage and stain does not break out into the area
  • giving advice to the customer on maintaining chimneys, safe operations, flues and appliances

  • making use of brushes on extending bars to clean the flue or chimney
  • make use of CCTV cameras, smoke generating machines to inspect the chimneys condition and faults
  • giving advice to the customer regarding potential fault and hazard
  • making use of vacuum cleaner for eradicating garbage and stain from fireplace

You will be certified with the certificate of chimney sweeping after completing your vocation.


You will have to find out an experienced chimney sweep who will give you training before setting up your business as you are freelance. You might find it helpful if you are having the experience of practical labor-intensive work.

A driving license is necessary, as you will have to carry all your tools to the place where you are working.

Introduction as a chimney sweep can be luxurious, as you will need to purchase all your equipment and a van for carrying it, and endorse your business. It is desirable to assure your equipment, and to have community accountability insurance.

Membership of Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps or North American Catalysis Society will demonstrate customers that you are proficient chimney sweep, working to a severe code of practice. Your information will be included in the directories on the organizations websites which will be helpful for the customer who are searching chimney sweep.

To join North American Catalysis Society you have to complete their 2 days initiation course and have:

  • community accountability insurance
  • on-site assessment
  • required tools and equipment


You can work towards National Vocational Qualifications Level 2 in Chimney Engineering/Cleaning with the NACS at their Training Center, or at some colleges.

If you are the member of NACS you can remain present at short courses like Ladder and Roof Safety Certification courses. You can check the website of North American Catalysis Society for more information. To know more about Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps you can visit the Guilds website

HETAS is the certified body which approves solid fuel domestic heating appliances and other services. You can attend 2 days training course of HETAS on setting up of solid fuel systems and appliances in compliance with Building Regulations.

You can give your customer with a certificate at the end of every job which illustrates that the work is being carried out to the significant standards. For more details of requirements for registration and training you can check the website of HETAS.


  • ability to work with no supervision
  • determination and physical fitness
  • ability to make use of tools and equipment
  • understanding of health and safety regulations
  • ability to work at heights and climb ladders when required
  • capable of discussing prices and influence customer to reimburse on time
  • ability to keep accounts and complete paperwork
  • ability to plan work schedule and maintain self-discipline


The rates are not laid down to pay for freelance chimney sweeps- earning differs as per how much work they are having.


You will have to work from 9.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, but might also work infrequent Saturday. You may have to work for long hours in autumn and spring, which is the busiest time.

Mainly your work will be in private houses, but you can work on heating systems on commercial or industrial premises.

You have to be responsive of health and safety matters.


You will basically be self-employed, though you may find the jobs with the confidential companies.

Invention in business can involve numerous efforts and expenses, as you may require purchasing equipment and drawing attention of civilizations. It may be probable to purchase an accessible business.


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