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Job Description:

Court officer is responsible to provide security for court personnel, witnesses and general public in court area.

  • Providing protection for judges, subordinates, prisoner, court workforce and the public.
  • Declaring the opening and ending of court sessions.
  • Maintaining records of court procedures.
  • Keeping protection, care and control of jury groups
  • Performing as a liaison with police department and legal professionals.

  • Paying attention on judges and magistrates.
  • Counseling the general public on legal practices and procedures.
  • Maintaining the court registers and files.
  • Managing audiovisual equipment for court rooms.
  • Arranging and protecting furniture for court rooms.
  • Maintaining and updating warrant files.
  • Ensuring that people are bringing before the court within the appropriate time limits.
  • Releasing prisoners from the custody as court permission.
  • Experienced in security field.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Able to establish working rapportwith court professionals and witnesses.
  • Ability to enjoy working with wide range of people.
  • Capable to quickly learn and operate computer system.
  • Excellent decision making skills.
  • Profound ability to create and maintain positive work environment.
  • Capability to maintain official documents.
  • In detail knowledge of legal concepts and terms.
  • Exceptional ability to work with various governmental bureaus and courts.
  • Strong capability to perform legal activities in timely manner.
  • Good listening and understanding skills.
  • Great qualitative and quantitative analytical proficiencies.
  • Ability to work for extra hours.
Objective Statements:
  • Looking for the job position of court officer in law field where I can make well use of my communication and interpersonal skills. I would like to mention that I have more than 3 years of experience in this field that will help me to perform my legal responsibilities.
  • I am aspiring for a full time job position of a court officer where I can utilize my knowledge and skills in the terms of protection and managerial support services in judicial and supreme court fields for the assistance of the general public and the legal field.
  • Seeking the challenging job position of a court officer to use my legal knowledge as well as experience in a legal environment. I have 5 years of experience in legal field I would also like to highlight that I have done bachelor's degree in criminal justice, my education and experience will helpful for my job performance.
  • I am an experienced and successful communicator looking for the opportunity to work as a court officer to develop service delivery. I have ability to understand legal procedures and practices that should assist me to make positive contribution in court room.
  • Keenness to perform as a court officer with various court professional and staff. To obtain a job of court officer in legal environment where I can perform my duties with my legal skills and knowledge, good analytical skills and strong interpersonal ability. I have completed my graduation in Arts with specialization in criminal justice as well as I have many years of experience in this field.
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