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Recent Grad School Grad Criminal Justice Resume

A resume that gets the expected results follows the fundamental and basic guidelines of effective resume writing. One cannot simply avoid the tips and guidelines in the making of a successful resume. Every job seeker wishes to have a resume that sounds strong, impressive, and appealing. To achieve this, one needs to pay special attention to resume writing guidelines. This page provides a recent graduate criminal justice resume that will help you to have a face to face interview with your employer. It will help you to build basic concept of framing a resume that makes you stand above the crowd of job seekers. The information and the style of presenting the information are strong enough to appeal the employer for a job interview.

'Fight for right and justice' always comes first for a person who works for a job that falls under the category of criminal justice. The career opportunities of graduate in criminal justice includes crime analyst, loss prevention manager, police detective, loss prevention investigator, juvenile prevention officer, corrections officer, FBI agent, and police officer.

Here is a recent graduate criminal justice resume that focuses on every vital point required for writing an effective resume. This template brings into light the roles and responsibilities of a crime analyst. To begin with, a crime analyst handles job responsibilities like gathering essential information from various sector like media, police, and legal enforcement to generate reports for particular crimes, researching on victim profile, planning action plans to be taken, reviewing and analyzing data, assisting law enforcement sector in developing plans for preventing crimes, preparing crime reports, and creating graphs and data related with crime.

It is required for a crime analyst to have excellent knowledge of legal policies and procedures, as well as legal enforcement network. This role also demands sound knowledge of mathematics and statistics concepts.

Recent Grad School Grad Criminal Justice Resume

Mark Hawks
23698 Woods Crockett St, Portland, Washington
Contact: (111)-215-3389

Career Goal

Skilled and experienced crime analyst with diverse knowledge of developing strategic and tactical criminal intelligence information. Looking for a responsible position as a crime analyst in a prestigious organization

Core Competencies

  • Comprehensive knowledge of the crime prevention principles, practices and methodologies
  • In-depth knowledge of crime analysis, legal procedures, and law enforcement procedures
  • Familiar with Federal, State and local legal practices and qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques
  • Hands on experience in obtaining and analyzing crime data from the databases
  • Skilled in communicating effectively with excellent analytical and organizational skills

Work History

Organization: Legal Centre, Washington
Duration: Crime Analyst
Designation: 2010 till date

  • Responsible for performing criminal research studies and perform analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of crime reports
  • Assigned the tasks of conducting statistical analysis of the reports from crime prevention branch and review of demographic data obtained from crime reports
  • Handle responsibilities of handling and controlling crime activities by reporting the matters to the Police Department in a timely manner
  • Perform the tasks of gathering and interpreting confidential investigative and intelligence information by following legal procedures and practices
  • Responsible for drafting strategic criminal intelligence information for improving the operations of criminal justice agencies
  • Assigned responsibilities of preparing and maintaining intelligence databases and files in the systems
  • Handle the tasks of providing services in crime analysis program and activities

Organization: Justice & Co, Washington
Duration: Junior Criminal Analyst
Designation: 2008-2009

Assigned responsibilities of investigating crimes by adhering the Principles and practices of criminal laws

  • Performed the tasks of collecting data and coordinate with senior staff in handling and managing crime analysis
  • Handled responsibilities of developing crime activity analysis and prevention methodologies as well as perform statistical analysis of crime rates
  • Responsible for conducting statistical research and analysis of crime records and data
  • Assigned the tasks of police records revision, reviewing, and processing


Will be pleased to furnish upon request

Educational Qualification:

Achieved Bachelor's degree of Arts in Criminal Justice
New York University in the year 2008

The overall style and method of presenting the information gives a final touch to your resume. It is therefore necessary to decide whether you want to make its appearance interesting, or sound like a simple plain document. A sloppy resume can only boosts your chances of losing the interview opportunity. Resume is the first thing that an employer can evaluate you at a professional level. The above recent graduate criminal justice resume is a unique reference for resume writing.

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