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Job Description:

Technician job description includes the responsibilities and duties for the posts related to technical field. These are the responsibilities of technician, computer technician, forensic science technician and other related job positions.

  • Assisting other technician to install and maintain new software.
  • Always testing computer equipment and software programs.

  • Providing telephone service support to solve hardware and software issues.
  • Offering on-line reparation service for the computer system.
  • Maintaining required customer application documents.
  • Performing improvements for existing clients.
  • Working as per organizational working procedure.
  • Inspecting the subsystem for computer.
  • Performing as a monitor in nontechnical team.
  • Ensuring that the customer meet up their needs.
  • Loading various software packages, user application and computer system.
  • Providing technical counsel and solving employee's technical issues.
  • Analyzing performance of network and other technical equipment.
  • Proving all IT needs as per bigger IT team.
  • Resolving network connectivity and helpdesk problems.

These are the some important skills for the technical job. These skills will help you to perform your technical responsibilities.

  • Strong public communication skills.
  • Capable to understand and perform responsibilities.
  • Ability to identify and solve technical issues.
  • In depth knowledge of computer system technician.
  • Skilled to use suitable technical knowledge.
  • Able to work with various technical teams.
  • Able to convey new technical information.
  • Extremely self motivated and professional.
  • Competent to provide helpful technical contribution.
  • Exceptional customer service skill.
  • Computer skills: MS Work, MS Office 97, MS Outlook98, DOC.
  • Technical skills: network design infrastructure, remote access, Novel NetWare
  • Future oriented and disciplined.
  • Able to inspire other team members.
Objective Statements:

Followings are the sample job objective statements.

  • Looking for the challenging job position of technician in a satisfying working environment that helps me to make use of my technical skills and experience to contribute in organizational development.
  • Seeking for the post of forensic science technician. A job where my laboratory skills and field work will help to successfully achieve company target.
  • A winning track record in the applicable field with a advanced self inspiration, like to point out the motivation skills, are some of the facets, which would help in making helpful contribution to the development of the association.
  • Seeking for the satisfying job opportunity where I can obtain a chance to work with team and to make use of my technical skills.
  • Obtaining for the demanding career chance in the IT Company where the job will recommend scope for career growth as a computer technician. A job where I can present my knowledge in hardware troubleshooting and technical support. Above technician resume objective statements will help you to find and get good job opportunity in technical field in future.
Below are resume objectives for various jobs available in the technician field: