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Computer Technician Resume

The computer technician resume is written by a person who wants to apply for a job in the field of computers, dealing with the repair and other maintenance work involved in an office IT infrastructure. The professional needs to have a good knowledge of the computer hardware and software and should know the in and out of the related technology, so that he could deal with the various problems or errors that may arise from time to time in computer systems, servers, and other peripheral hardware.

The recruiters will always prefer those candidates who have some experience to show in their resumes - such experience should be relevant to the field. They prefer such candidates because they do not require much of any type of training when appointed. You need to, for this reason, mention about all your relevant experience and training in this field. Also, you need to be keep yourself up to date with all the latest updates in the field of IT technology. One part of your job in addition to maintaining the office systems is to suggest to the management about the latest updates (both software and hardware) that can add to the efficiency and speed of the entire office work.

Now, when it comes to writing such a resume, one needs to be careful to follow a definite industry standard format for his resume. Take a look at the following computer technician resume sample for reference.

Kevin Javier
2123- E. Street
Utah - 5113
Phone - 022-923-0231
Email Id -

Career Objective:

To take up the challenging position of Computer Technician in a leading IT company and utilize my years of technical experience in information technology field to keep the systems running smoothly, thus facilitating the employees with greater IT efficiency and speedy computer operations.

Profile Summary:

  • Rich experience of 5 years in the IT industry, working as a Computer and IT Technician
  • Up to date with all the latest computer specifications and upgradations available in the market
  • Worked on various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu Linux
  • Won the 'Best IT Employee' award while working with ABC Technologies

Key Skills:

  • Excellent communications skills in both verbal and written English
  • Good at performing team building activities and an efficient team player with the ability to work with various kinds of people
  • Ability to work under challenging situations and tight deadlines
  • Good management and leadership skills to lead teams of subordinates towards one common goal
  • Good operational knowledge of C, C++, Java, and HTML
  • Trained in various network related problems in intranet, Internet, and other cable issues

Work Summary:

XYZ Technologies, New York
Computer Technician
(January 2012-Present)

  • Headed the computer technical department of the company and helped with various technical issues on a day-to-day basis
  • Regular monitoring of the network traffic
  • Regular maintenance of all the office computer systems, including upgradations and new installations in terms of both software and hardware
  • Taking care of the licensing and upgrading procedures of anti-virus on the server
  • Training the subordinates and other new trainees on the day-to-day duties and responsibilities
  • Coordinating with the computer vendors and checking the prices and orders

ABC Technologies, Utah
Computer Technician
(January 2008 - December 2011)

  • Handled the installation of software systems and configuration of computer network systems
  • Managed all the technical glitches arising from day to day in the office
  • Worked on debugging many virus applications on the Windows operating platform
  • Reported to the senior IT manager on a weekly basis
  • Consulted him in the situations of emergency

Educational Qualifications:

  • Diploma in C and C++, IG Computer Institute, 2009
  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Technology, FIGGI College of IT, 2008
  • High School, Harley John High School, 2005


  • Awarded 'Best IT Employee' award at ABC Technologies for maintaining an effective track record in systems and technical troubleshooting
  • Gathered experience in both technical and programing (debugging) aspects of the computer technology


W.G. Grey
XYZ Technologies,

New York
Phone: (231)-832-5463
Email Id:

This is how you write an effective computer technician resume while mentioning all your significant experience and skills pertinent to the field. Know that the motivation level and hard working nature of the applicant needs to be clearly conveyed to the reader.

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