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Job Description:

Job description includes regular duties and responsibilities of that position.

  • Creating designs and providing information about the necessary equipment and material.
  • Managing team and client meeting and conference.
  • Discussing budget and deadlines for project or construction.

  • Supervising presentations and offering creative designs.
  • Discussing objective and needs of project.
  • Seeking advice from other professional about the designs of environment.
  • Planning and presenting target reports and design applications to the client.
  • Replying to inquiries from clients and counseling clients on the practicality of project.
  • Utilizing information technology in project management and design, specially using CAD.
  • Identifying the temperament and quality of materials essential.
  • Cooperating with contractor and other professionals.
  • Planning tender application and presentation.
  • Managing project from begin to end.
  • Regularly visiting to site and ensuring that project is working in budget and time.

To become an architect you have to maintain following skills.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and effective discussion skills
  • Able to understand the requirements of clients and other parties
  • Superb listening skills
  • High quality of sketching and drawing skills
  • Exceptional design and able to translate ideas in paper
  • Capable to effectively combine electrical, mechanical, and structural fundamentals in their designs
  • Able to classify troubles as soon as they arise or before they arise and develop quick solutions to solve them
  • Capable to work in a team environment
  • Able to visualize the end results through all steps of the designing and building processes
  • Passionate architects tend to have a tremendous drive and work ethic
  • ability to see the big picture as well as giving attention to the smallest detail
  • The ability to mediate and administer a building contract fairly
Objective Statements:

Objective is the essential part of resume. It is necessary to write job objective to complete your resume writing.

  • Seeking for a job position in a well organize firm where my work experience on architecture & skill management may be used.
  • Obtaining a job opportunity where I can use my skills and experience of a computer plan base related to special architectural arrangements.
  • In search for a great organization where I can unify my abilities in creativity, designing, and architecture for an all around progress of my architectural obsession.
  • Job opportunity to develop construction and design of apartment, Commercial, Industrial, Residential projects through position with an inventive architectural association.
  • To get a job position as architect to develop experience in this field.
These are some examples of architect resume objective which will help you to prepare your own resume.

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