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Job Description:

Network job description includes the duties and responsibilities of the post such as network engineer, network technician or IT professional.

  • Installing hardware and software system for network.
  • Maintaining network system and diverse equipment.
  • Identifying and solving network problems.
  • Assisting and advising network use.

  • Supervising the performance of system.
  • Managing back-up for all system.
  • Solving computer user's problem and providing solutions for future reference.
  • Supporting new software and hardware server network.
  • Working closely with other department of IT.
  • Updating security programs for system.
  • Preparing user account and anti-virus system.
  • Planning and implementing new project work for organization.
  • Supervising and assisting junior staff to perform technical responsibilities.
Above description points will help to prepare resume to get job opportunity in networking field.


Followings are the necessary skills for the post as network engineer.

  • Ability to work with other staff as well as independently.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excellent leadership skills.
  • Strong departmental and organizational abilities.
  • Capability to provide inventive solution to network issues.
  • Good sense to use available information and resources.
  • Confident to complete project within deadlines.
  • Outstanding computer knowledge including ms-office and various software.
  • Clear understanding of responsibilities as network engineer.
  • Strong analytical and time management skills.
  • Outstanding ability of risk identification.
  • Uncommon ability to provide good customer service.
  • Extremely detail oriented and professional.
Objective Statements:

Following points includes the tips and suggestion to writing good job objective for the job position in IT field Such as network engineer, network manager or network technician.

  • Looking for the challenging job opportunity as networking engineer in organizational environment where permit me to make use of my knowledge and to develop my professional experience as network engineer.
  • Experienced network engineer with good IT educational background. Seeking for the job in networking field where I can use my skills for the development of organization.
  • I would like to work as a network technician in reputed management as yours. A job where I can perform my duties with positive approach for development. I would like to state my ability of updating my educational qualification and knowledge which should help me to contribute in the organizational growth.
  • To obtain a job opportunity in IT industry where will be sufficient for intelligent employees. A job where I can work with team member as network engineer with the ability of understanding various networking issues.
  • Able to apply for the position of network engineer in reputed organization where my knowledge and expertise area will use for the growth of industry.
  • Applying for the post of network engineer in IT industry with the experience of 3 years. Desire to make use of my skills for the extensive growth of department, ability to apply correct solution on networking issues.
Above objective statements will help to prepare resume.

Below are resume objectives for various jobs available in the network engineering field: