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Associate Network Engineer Resume

Today the way of communication, the method of operating a business, dealing with clients, etc., has changed to a great extent. Every activity and communication makes use of information technology. The organization's functioning depends on the infrastructure of computers, Intranet, and Internet operations. The person responsible for maintaining these systems is known as a Network Engineer. There are different levels in the professional hierarchy that a Network Engineer chases with the help of his/her expertise and experience. One such position is the Associate Network Engineer, which is comparatively a fresher or entry level position. The sample associate network engineer resume given below will help in understanding the job profile better. However, a brief introduction given below, before the sample resume will also prove helpful.

Brief description of the job role of a Network Engineer:

A Network Engineer is responsible for setting up, designing, and monitoring computer networks. He is responsible for monitoring and testing the systems, local area networks, Intranet, Internet, wide area networks, etc. When we say a networking system, it can range from two computers or laptops connected in the same cubicle, office, etc.; 'n' numbers of computers connected to each other in an organization, its branches in other cities, states, overseas, multinational clients, etc. These engineers also work on planning, analysis, and designing of networking system using various software and hardware tools.

Networking is a part of almost all types of organizations, small or big, and thus these engineers have a huge scope and demand.

A Networking Engineer can earn almost $77,010 approximately per annum.

For more on Networking Engineers, read the sample networking engineer resume given below.

Sample Associate Networking Engineer Resume

Kevin S. Peters
1302 Park Street Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32412
Ph: 801-802-1624

Career Objective:

A dedicated, hardworking individual, always passionate for learning new concepts and techniques, looking forward to working with some large organizations, wherein I get to work on more complicated systems, face new challenges, and get to work with some of the best minds in the field.

Career Summary:

With an experience of almost 3 years, with an organization making use of 100 computers, am thorough with the handling, designing, and maintenance of network systems of this range. Have worked under the guidance of experts and today am capable of handling all network systems independently, troubleshooting of the same, etc.

Summary of Skills:

  • Good at critical and analytical reasoning
  • Good at troubleshooting, making use of various reasoning techniques
  • Good at technical designing and understanding the requirement of the network
  • Good at analyzing and try to improvise or innovate to improve efficiency of the network
  • Good management skills, communication skills, and presentation skills

Professional Experiences:

Current Employer - TMS Web Solutions, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Associate Network Engineer
(2008-till date)

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Report to the Networking Engineer
  • Responsible for designing the network system, after studying the floor layout and need of the connectivity
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the networking systems
  • Monitor, maintain, and update the Intranet
  • Undertake preventive maintenance once a month, to avoid interruptions in work
  • Analyze the current networking system, find flaws if any, and make appropriate suggestions
  • Make use of logical and analytical reasoning to troubleshoot system and network issues

TMS Web Solutions, Jacksonville, Florida
Designation: Trainee Networking Engineer

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Assist the Network Engineer
  • Check the efficiency of the system
  • Assist in troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Assist in testing the effectiveness of the system
  • Assist in designing the network
  • Update the Intranet regularly
  • Assist in choosing the right software, web solutions, etc.


  • Bachelors of Computer Network Engineering, University of Boston, 2007
  • Completed the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer course
  • Pursuing MS in Computer Science


Looking for suitable opportunities in Portsmouth, Jacksonville, Alexandria, and Bristol


Available on request

Kevin .S. Peters

The sample associate network engineer resume given above and the preceding introduction about the job profile, helps us understand the role of a Networking Engineer. With thorough expertise and skills, an individual can work with some of the best organizations and get to work on more complicated and challenging networking systems. The resume given above is drafted with utmost perfection in terms of a professional resume, and one can use the same for drafting his/her resume. To make it more unique and effective, one can mention one's projects, achievements, etc., and put forth one's best in front of the employer, such that the employer is convinced of one's abilities and potential. Make use of this resume, and alter it as per your requirements to make the perfect resume that reflects you as the best.

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