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Job Description:

  • Working effectively with managers and contractors.
  • Achieving difficult projects punctually.
  • Managing vast projects with limited sources.
  • Learning and understanding the projects of client and managing the drawing of plan to meet up the instructions of building.
  • Arranging the application of plan to local authorities for granting the inspection of project work.
  • Presenting the tenders, costs to the clients.

  • Evaluating the required materials and quantity for building and publicizing it for tender.
  • Hiring and managing the assistant contractors to perform each level of building as well as compromising the rate of payment.
  • Overseeing work of assistant contractor to ensuring building are of a satisfactory standard and are effecting dealing to schedule.
  • Arranging the delivery time of materials according to different stage of building progression.
  • Discussing with finance bank about agreement of loans for projects.
  • Coordinating with inspectors and workers.
  • Performing the responsibilities of office staff such as payment and preparation of bank account.
  • Preparing reports on process of work and presenting to clients.

It is important to mention your skills and abilities in resume. Followings are the skills of builder which will present his abilities in front of employers.

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills.
  • Able to expertly make use of MS-Office to prepare reports.
  • Good knowledge of Internet operating.
  • Capable to carefully follow all building processes and construction law.
  • Particular in work approach
  • Enjoy working with team and able to cope with people of all kind of nature.
  • The capability to create and maintain strong relations with workers, clients and other contractors.
  • Able to handle target difficulty without fault and have exposed to come on top in achieving targets done.
  • Extremely strong understanding of research techniques and technical actions.
  • Proficient to finish projects under inflexible time limits.
  • Hardworking specialized skilled at cross functional teamwork.
  • Ability to research and share knowledge with other.
Objective Statements:
  • Obtaining a challenging job position with company of commercial development, where I can learn and contribute to positive approaches.
  • I would like to develop my potential for intensifying the company profit and highlighting the repute of the association. To focus on the project goal and achieving the farm duties within the financial plan.
  • Looking for the demanding job opportunity with developing company where I can learn more contractive ways.
  • Seeking a position at reputed company where I can exploit my quality assurance, program development, and training experience and management skills.
  • To achieve a job position that will allow me to apply my educational background, strong organizational abilities and skills to work effectively with other people.
  • persistent, ambitious and self-motivated professional interested in relating verified project management and problem solving abilities together with superb understanding of the construction field.
  • Appearing for a job opportunity in a commercial development company where I can make use of my knowledge on building commercial composites.
  • Looking for a position in an association where my qualities can be used for the development of the company. These are some samples of job objective for builder resume. It will helpful for your future to get an excellent job opportunity.
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