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Job Description:

Followings are the major responsibilities and duties of data entry clerk or operator.

  • Confirming information, operating plans of data entry and preparing documentation.
  • Maintaining reports, duties and files.
  • Collecting, sorting and arranging information to enter in records.
  • Focusing on details and enter information perfectly.

  • Entering all perceptive information of accounts in electronic files.
  • Helping out other workers in copying, typing, filing and other duties.
  • Maintaining staff's works and ensuring all responsibilities are completed on time.
  • Performing managerial tasks including Xeroxing and filing.
  • Discussing with team leader to ensuring work flow and efficiency of productivity.
  • Analyzing information to find out solution on complex problem like change of procedure method, alteration of equipment.
  • Verifying data sources such as personal reports and financial records.
  • Making corrections in the encoding before submission.
  • Coordinating with data entry manager as required meeting deadlines.
  • Encoding correct information and details.
  • Skilled to write and speak English.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Expert to make use of MS-Office, MS-Outlook and HTML.
  • Able to help senior management.
  • Exceptional management and leadership skills.
  • Exceptionally self starter and self motivated.
  • Always ready to learn and develop with the organization.
  • Hardworking and have good personality.
  • Able to work with inflexible work schedules.
  • Extraordinary skills to create and maintain rapport with coworkers.
  • Capacity to identify and solve out organizational problems.
  • Able to keep records and reports of files and important data.
  • Ability to learn from mistake.
  • Able to learn codes from computerized files system.
  • Outstanding skill to keep data privacy.
  • Excellent ability to provide good customer service.
  • Good awareness to safety issues.
Objective Statements:

Job objective always demonstrate the future plans and work approach of the employee. It will make your good impression in front of employers.

  • Aptitude with HTML and conversion of data which must help me to perform my duties with efficiency in reputed organization as yours.
  • Looking for the post as a data entry clerk with the forwarding thinking skills which will help to benefit for the company.
  • I would like to use my skills including on-line form application and html tagging to develop quality of customer service and profit level of organization.
  • To obtain a job position in the data entry field where exceptional technical and analytical knowledge can be helpful for the improvement of the company.
  • To search a position as a data entry clerk in a large and reputed company to do extremely well in the job and achieve career development.
  • Seeking for a data entry job opportunity where abilities in spreadsheet development and problem solving skills can develop productivity of company.
  • To use my abilities efficiently for organizational as well as individual development by teamwork and personal efforts as data entry clerk in admired organization.
Below are resume objectives for various jobs available in the data entry field: