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Job Description:

Job description of data entry operator resume involves following duties and responsibilities.

  • Follows standard sequences that might necessitate some coding interpreting, and selecting, of data to be keyed.
  • Verify the internal data system for numerous submissions and arrange files for the underwriting supporters.
  • Confirm reporting information is posted to the web portal, coordinates among operations centers and operational directs to support missions.
  • Executes clerical and connected office responsibilities as assigned, like sustaining records of work received.
  • Sustains program layout certification of system programs.
  • Formulate calculations and comparisons accurately and rapidly; operate a data entry machine by the speed and correctness essential to meet departmental principles.

  • Administration the ever rising information in a company utilizing the acquired experience and skills.
  • Confirms data input; might assist in training fresh staff in the events and function of data entry tools.
  • Confirms and keypunches much of the every day work that comes into the section.
  • Recognize and corrects mistakes.
  • Carry out the vital task of entering significant data present on documents, papers and feeds it into the computer.
  • Makes a tape every day to be delivered to the data center for processing. Offers technical direction or training to junior operators. Accountable for editing, processing and allocation of raw source documents.
  • Additional information obtainable involves necessary additional responsibilities, job functions, and education and experience necessities.
  • Consults among supervisor in offering required information for keying procedure. Adheres to strict batch processing schedule to meet objectives.
  • Manages an alphabetical and arithmetical key station to transcribe data from standard source papers to another electronic format.
  • Appraisals input and output data for correctness.
  • Sustains individual production proceedings. Classify and direct internal and external all operations, counting both collection and analytical necessities.
  • Reports to the examination analysis center chief.
  • Recognizes necessities and responsibilities them to the suitable collection elements, confirms that responses meet necessities, collects the every day activities report and distributes, coordinates among the specified objectives.
  • Executes a range of activities in one or more and connected areas such as interfaces by other agencies and offices to make sure effective and timely completion of responsibilities.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of Internet systems.
  • Information of record keeping and clerical events including indexing, comparing coding, and filing.
  • Knowledge of Corel Draw, Page Maker and Photoshop.
  • Capable to operate a range of types of data entry systems.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Capability to interpret information properly and fast.
  • Decision making skill.
  • Ability to manage coursework, which might need solving evils, and correcting mistakes.
Objective Statements:

To become a data entry operator I will use my skills, previous experience to improve company policy.

I have great opportunities to make career in your reputed company, for that I will work hard and try to improve company strategy.

To meet business goals and deadline I will make changes in the policy of the company.

I have adaptable skills to adapt new strategy, methods, and techniques to meet business deadlines and achievements.

For a strong position of data entry operator in a progressive and dynamic company, where I would employ my current skill, while being challenged to increase my capability.