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Job Description:

Job description of data entry clerk resume involves following duties and responsibilities.

  • Sorts, prints, and distributes production or statistical reports, data entry batches, and other output in a timely manner.
  • Executes routine maintenance tasks connected to software and hardware or files technical assistance requests as essential.
  • Executes quality work in deadlines with or without direct management.
  • Developing plans to accomplish work, and prioritizing and organizing one's own work.
  • Correctly and consistently functions and uses every standard operating tool relative to departmental functions.

  • Executes data entry utilizing spreadsheet, word processing or database instructions and formats resources as necessary.
  • Offering information to fellow workers, supervisors, and subordinates.
  • Prepares data and works computer keyboard to enter information into the proper fields and formats on screen displays.
  • Revises, enters and or combines resources like numerical data, record logs, and research samples preformatted data retrieval information.
  • Communicates among internal sections and the RBO to identify, document, investigate, and take suitable action to correct missing or questionable enter; call physicians, suppliers to clarify or request information as essential.
  • Kept track of received data and source papers, arranged and sorted source papers, and recognized and interpreted data to be penetrated.
  • Keeps operations through policies and procedures.
  • Enters clients and account data by entering numeric and alphabetic information on keyboard.
  • Files reports in accordance with appropriate regulatory supplies, supports in month end closing events.
  • Creates suggestions for development or enhancement to job procedures to make sure principles in collection data, entry and retrieval.
  • Work independently in a team environment to meet recognized deadlines.
  • Recognize several dissimilar document types.
  • Sort, compile, and confirm correctness of information.
  • Organizes source information for computer entry by sorting and compiling information.
  • Processes account and customer source documents by reviewing data for shortages.
  • Confirms entered client and account data by correcting, deleting, reviewing, or reentering information.
  • Examinations client and account system changes and upgrades through entering fresh data.
  • Secures information through completing data base backup.
  • Participates to team effort through accomplishing connected results as required.
  • Offers directorial support to unit or division.
  • Sustains disk file and document of entered information.
  • Appraisals inconsistencies in data received.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skill.
  • Ability of coding, compiling, verifying, calculating, tabulating, auditing, categorizing, or processing data or information.
  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical systems and events like forms design principles, word processing, systems, stenography and transcription and filing.
  • Ability of collecting and sorting information.
  • Ability to make decision.
  • Typing speed with 50 wpm.
  • Knowledge of computer operating system.
  • Ability to discover data and recognizing necessary data.
  • Time management skill.
Objective Statements:

Following objective promotes business development.

For the post of data entry clerk in a business where I would utilize management skills and field work knowledge to the best results. I have ability to interact with departmental and other employees on matters moving information and publications flow.

For the business growth I would adapt new techniques, strategies, policies, methods which are employing through the employee of the business to make projects.

To secure a data entry clerical position I would like to develop my skills to make business strategy.