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General Manager (Furniture Company) Resume

Drafting a general manager resume for an opening in a furniture company is not as simple as drafting one for an entry level or mid-managerial level position. The job applications for the post of General Manager of a company involves professional and systematic approach. Right from the general manager resume to the last round of interview, at every stage, one must ensure that s/he adheres to professional etiquettes, and displays the sense of maturity and responsibility, as expected from a managerial level candidate.

The success of a job application in winning the candidate an interview call, is determined by the professional impression created by the general manager resume, and its ability to grab employers' attention amongst the loads of applications received by them. Like any of the vacancies which may exist in a company from time to time, even for a general manager position an employer receives many applications, with many of them having similar content. Considering the time period required to screen these resumes and short list the candidates for interview rounds, employers are not able to give equal attention to all applications. The condition becomes even more critical considering the fact that a position like General Manager of a company can not be left vacant for along duration of time. Thus, it becomes important that not only should the general manager resume be visually outstanding (should be professional and attractive), but the information contained too should be distinguishable (in terms of legibility and simplicity of the details shared).

Acknowledging the importance of a legible, professional, competitive and unique resume, we have shared a general manager resume sample below, which candidates can refer for gathering necessary information. For better personalization of the resume and to make it unique, candidates can also incorporate personal ideas. However, they must restrict themselves to the limits of professional standards.

Sample General Manager Resume
(For a furniture company)

Kristen S. Phillips
2611 Crestview Terrace
Medina Lane
Texas - 78055
Tel: (830) 751 9861

Career Objective:

In quest of challenging opportunities with a furniture company and to lead it successfully to achieve the goals, by enhancing the productivity, and minimizing the operational cost.

Career Summary:

An experienced professional with 9 years of experience in managing various aspects of planning and daily operations. With experience imbibed leadership skills, innovative marketing tools, and ability to deal with complex issues tactfully, I have helped furniture industries rise from the slump, and gain profitability.

Work Experience:

General Manager
Kudo's Furniture Exports Pvt. Ltd., Jessamine St., Houston, TX
(2009 - Till date)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planning and execution of the annual budget
  • Sales forecast for the year and target distribution to all teams
  • Framing of policies and norms for daily operations
  • Establish long term goals
  • Coordinate with distributors for business deals and expansion
  • Analyze market trends for new opportunities
  • Study competitor's products and plan for framing new strategies
  • Manpower planning
  • Analyze annual and monthly reports for corrective measures, in case of discrepancies
  • Plan for employee welfare
  • Responsible for over all performance of the organization
  • Guide and lead the team of managers in achieving the set targets and goals

Operations Manager
Kudo's Furniture Exports Pvt. Ltd., Jessamine St., Houston, TX
(2006 - 2009)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planning and execution of the strategies on day to day basis
  • Analyze daily reports for future course of action
  • Provide feedback to the general manager on over all performance on daily basis
  • Guide the supervisors and others for achieving the sales and production targets
  • Plan and develop the training and development modules
  • Conduct employee appraisal
  • Ensure organizational policies and standards are adhered to by all employees
  • Deal with artists and sculptures for developing new designs and customized solutions to customer requirements
  • Deal and resolve all customer queries and complaints
  • Meet clients and vendors for new contracts and renewal of old ones
  • Collect data from the market for research and analysis

Sales Manager
Chair Care Patio Pvt. Ltd., Jessamine St., Houston, TX
(2003 - 2006)

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for sales and revenue generation
  • Assign targets to the teams
  • Coordinate with vendors and dealers for analyzing consumer demand and plan strategies appropriately
  • Develop marketing plans and strategies for sales promotion
  • Lead the sales team
  • Provide monthly sales reports to General manager for strategic planning
  • Organize for training modules for sales teams
  • Distribute the market region geographically to all sales team

Academic Credentials:

  • MBA (Marketing Specialization)
    Texas University, Lancaster Rd., Dallas, TX
    (2001 - 2003)
  • B.Com Amarillo College, Polk St., Amarillo, TX (1998 - 2001)

Professional Skills:

  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Leadership skills
  • Quick decision making
  • In depth knowledge of the market and competitors
  • MS office expertise


Any reference would be provided on request only.

Additional information can be included under suitable sub titles, based on their relevancy and importance for the candidature promotion.

With the above given General manager resume example (furniture company), we hope candidates would be able to draft impressive and job winning resumes.

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