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Accounting Skills

Basically accounting is the process of categorizing, recording and shortening in the significant way in stipulations of transactions, capital and events. The accounting in business practice formulates it idyllic in the MBA (Masters of Business Administration) curriculum for the mixture of communal and environmental perceptions.

Accounting fraud has become a conventional public concern in current years. As a result, numerous business programs around the countryside reassessed the way in which ecological, social and ethical matters were integrated into the accounting curriculum.

Today accounting is known as the "language of business" as it gives financial information regarding the business entity to most of the different groups of people. Accounting gives attention to providing reports to the people in the business entity. It gives information to the managers, employers, auditors and owner-managers. Accounting giving information to the inhabitants outside the business body is called as financial accounting.

Skills required for accounting:

  • Capability to solve the problems by making use of analytical or logical reasoning skills
  • Ability to make a precise and knowledgeable decision
  • Ability to communicate effectively with people of all background
  • Familiar with the computers functions like spread sheet, word processing and data software
  • Ability to use the computer software to maintain the records
  • Ability to inspire people to accomplish their goals and objectives
  • Ability to lead and manage the team in the effective manner
  • Ability to build effective relations with the superiors, subordinates and colleagues

The following are the duties and responsibilities for the accounting profession:

  • Prepare the Profit & Loss A/C Statement
  • Analysis of the financial information to make entries
  • Review and analyze the financial statement
  • Administer the accounting and associated system reports for correctness and completeness
  • Provide details of the accounting policies to the vendors, customers and staff
  • Solve accounting divergence
  • Finish the auditing work by communicating with the internal and external auditors
  • Deal with the financial reports and data
  • Build up and maintain the computer systems, financial data bases and manual filing systems
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