Resume Skills

Food Resume Skills

Food-service or catering industry defines those businesses, association and companies who are liable for any food which is prepared outside home. This industry normally comprises school, restaurants, hospitals, catering operations, cafeterias, and many other set-ups.

The companies that supply food-service operators are called food-service distributors. Food-service distributors are responsible to sell goods like utensils of kitchen and bulk foods. Few companies manufacture products in both food-service and consumer versions. The consumer version normally comes in personality sized packaged in superior developed size and frequently requires the multicolored tag design of consumer version.

The food service industry is the largest employers in the United States of America. Over 805,450 people are presently doing the job as a manager and servers single-handedly. 60% of the workers are below the age of 30 and over 65% grasps the high school diploma or less.

Similar to other field the food service resume must be skilled and brief. Your resume should replicate an obvious summary of your skills and proper job history.

It does not matter in which type of industry you are doing the job, only your resume is important. Your resume is very important as it is your calling card for you. You might be thinking that the people who do the jobs in food service industry do not need resume, they get the job by waling in or by meeting with the manager. But your resume is very important for this industry as well.

Skills require for the food-service profession:

  • Ability to make analysis of the recipes
  • Excellent ability to make the menus in advance so that the delivery can be made on time
  • Ability to guess the requirements of food, give order to distributors and plan the deliveries of food
  • Ability to plan everyday routine services
  • Ability to communicate in Italian, French, German or Spanish
  • Ability to inspire employees for higher achievement
  • Ability to work flexibly in shifts
  • Ability to pursue the procedures and instructions
  • Past experience of food service is useful
  • Ability to lead the team of 10 members
Technical Skills:
  • Language: C, C++, HTML, SQL
  • Servers: Java Web Server and J2EE
  • Tools: Front page, Net Beams and Dream weaver
  • Operating System: Window 95/98/2000/NT, Sun Solaris 8 and Window 2003/XP
  • Cross Applications: IDOCS, BDT and EDI
  • Web Page Designing Skills: XML, HTML, DHTML and Java Applets
Refer above skills to write resume skill section for food service field like displaced homemaker.