Resume Skills

Computer Skills

A computer is a machine that gets the data as input, stores it, processes it, stores the answer and provides us with meaningful information. Originally the size of the computers was as the size of large room, using much power as various personal computers.

Simple computers are small sufficient to fit into mobile appliance and can be motorized by a minute battery. Personal computers in their several forms are icons of the Information Age.

A computer does not require being electric, nor even have a processor, hard disk and RAM. The negligible definition of computer is whatever thing that converts information in a determined way.

Computational systems are as supple as a personal computer can be erected of almost anything. For instance, a computer can be made out of billiard balls. More sensibly, modern computers are prepared out of transistors made of photo lithographed semiconductors.

Previously, computers progressed from automatic computer are finally from vacuity tube transistors.

There is vigorous investigation to make computer out of numerous talented latest types of technology, like DNA computers, optical computing, quantum computers and neural computers. Several of these can easily tackle problems that modern computer cannot tackle.

Skills required for the computer resume professions:

  • Ability to install operating systems like Window 9x, 2000, XP, NT and various software.
  • Certification and understanding in tally.
  • Configuring routers.
  • Antivirus solutions.
  • Access list and routing.
  • Ability to maintain, repair and troubleshoot desktop peripherals.
  • Setting up of satellites.
  • Good knowledge of fire alarm system.
  • Skilled in using internet and search engine tools.
  • Knowledge of WAN, LAN, DDR etc.
  • Understanding of MS Access and Oracle.
  • Ability to use Photoshop, HTML, CSS and Flash.
  • Knowledge of SQL, C, C++, J2EE, JAVA.

Following tasks are to be performed in a computer related field:

  • Greet the visitors and attend call and enquiries.
  • Keep the records, file and other orientation material and carry out the secretarial duties.
  • Find credentials, files and preserve library for the information.
  • Draft the letters and endorse the proposal.
  • Make a report.
  • Carry out the work related to data entry.
  • Deal with the acknowledged computer like Compaq, Acer and IBM.
  • Set up software and hardware.
  • Manage the fire arms systems.