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Research Skills

A research skill requires background skills like Critical thinking, Problem Solving, Analysis, Diffusion. Research is a process of searching with awareness so that you are able to answer a question. It is more than find out the fact. Research skills help to find out information from different places. It help to know how to plan research topic, how to know different sources of information; help to know how to use information.

There are several numbers of steps to research:

  • Set off - You have to know what you want to find, and already what you know about it.
  • What to do during your research? - Sort out related information and summarizing.
  • How to find information quickly? - Reading different reference books and searching.
  • How to read actual information in a book?

Through these steps you can complete you research.

How to improve research skill?

  • The Process of research: Research seems such as a product. Research includes many small steps once you are familiar with that steps you can do outstanding research.
  • Find out needs of research: find out difference between various types of research's resources and decide which can be useful.
  • Develop a strategy: make discussion on manageable issues.
  • Conduct the search: in this step you will learn how to related books, articles and other important information.
  • Evaluate resource: learn to assess correct information resources, weak information resources can waste your time.
  • Incorporate resources: try to understand breach of copyright, put together to your information and mention your sources.
These are some ways to improve your research skills. We hope it will helpful for you.

Interview questions:

  • How do you rate your research skill?
  • What steps do you take for research?
  • How do you improve your research skills?
These are some helpful interview questions in research skills?