Resume Skills

Technical Resume Skills

The technical resumes are normally used where stating specific skills or knowledge of technological nature is normally important, as in the case of IT Industry. The technical resume must be like sequential resume. Each and every technical resume should concentrate on two parts i.e. professional experience and skills section.

While making the technical resume make use of many buzzwords which will show your work experience. Mention all programming languages, operating systems etc in which you are experienced. Make list of software which you know meticulously. Mention only those educational qualification and degree which are applicable to the job.

Describe your self as a active, gets this done and make use of brain. Use past tense, for the description of current position. Try to avoid confusion.

Your experience is of great value for the appointing manager. Show your resume as a advertisement for you. Give emphasize on your strengths. Try to keep your resume short and concise.

You can pick someone to have a look at your resume. The person should be effectively evaluate your writing and give truthful opinion.

The following are the duties which are to be carried out in the technical resume:

  • Buy and assess the equipment which are necessary for every area.
  • Finish the yearly assessment for industrialized equipment.
  • Carry out the appropriate mechanism checks on new equipment.
  • Carry out the investigation of troubleshooting earlier than start up.
  • Helped with the design of new laser-bonding machine.
  • Give technical support to the production area.
  • Discuss the agreements in terms of service.
  • Design and develop server sides like JSP, Servlets, and Java for the software.
  • Make database items all the way through manufacture and development surroundings.
Skills required for the technical resume skills:
  • Good written and vocal communication skills
  • Ability to attain the goals and objectives
  • Excellent organizational and analytical skills
  • Outstanding skills to deal with the customers.
  • Excellent track record of managing the projects.
  • Proven ability to collect and make use of data efficiently.
  • Ability to handle the projects and meet the deadlines
  • Deep knowledge of marketing and sales techniques.
  • Ability to solve the problems easily
  • Proficient with English, Spanish and French.
Technical knowledge:
  • Operating Systems: Unix, Window 95/98/NT, MS-DOS, MVS
  • Language Tools: C, C++, Java 2.0, Web sphere, Silver Stream, Crystal Reports, Visual Basic, SQL, COBOL, HTML, ASP, JCL, JavaScript, IBM Assembler, Cold Fusion, JSP, WML, XML, Fortran
  • Database Management: ORACLE, DB2, Access 97, Microsoft SQL Server
  • Networking: LAN Administration, CCNA Certification, Troubleshooting, Basic UNIX, CISCO Networking, Hardware upgrades Installation of Software