Resume Skills

Creative Skills

Creative skills give an important and practical advice and support. You can meet up the challenges with the help of good creative skills. These abilities don't come naturally; you need to improve your creative skills by practice. Creativity is the skill to create new ideas this process includes creative ideas and then producing. Most of the people think that creative skill is something you are born with and can't be learn.

Creative skill includes designing of new and possible ideas. You can't have creativity without possibility. Confidence is a key to develop your creative skills it will help you to become a more creative but you have to make different between confidence and arrogance; because truly creative people is confident but not overconfident.

How to enhance creative skills?

Followings are some guidelines to develop your creative skills.

  • Daily create new questions for yourself. It will help to develop area of knowledge.
  • Keep your ideas on tract at all time because sometime ideas will come unexpectedly and if any ideas not written down it will be elapsed.
  • Try to keep yourself engage in creative activities. Active mind is essential to develop creative skills.
  • Learn about new things which are different from your expertise area. Develop your self knowledge by learning your self actual skills, strength and weak points.
  • Avoid set patterns to solve complex problems. Try to solve problems from fresh viewpoints and always find at least two or more options to solve problems.
  • Be aware in your observation; carefully watch out similarity and dissimilarity.
  • Try to keep your mind relax; because mind is very creative when you are relax.
  • Make outline to the ways you could fail. Seek to deal with these failures which will reduce complex to creativity.
With the help of above tips you can improve your creative abilities.

Interview Questions

  • What are creative skills?
  • How do you rate your creative skills? Why?
  • What kinds of working environment develop your creativity?
  • Tell me about troubles that you've resolve in creative way?
  • How do you increase creativity in colleagues?
  • Have you ever attempted a new approach of doing things? Did you succeed?