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No Clear Career Path (Accounting) Resume

The resume of an accounting professional with no clear career path should bear a strategically designed career objective that serves its purpose to gain the confidence of the reader. If you're not clear about your career path at all, at least you must work towards developing a resume that successfully markets yourself, where the fact that you haven't planned your career well should be an incognito. Changing the field of profession has become quite common today as more candidates look for career options that would best suit them. Being hesitant towards implementing a planned change is the culprit that makes one feel the gap, or rather experience the gap. You, as a candidate longing for the right job, should take a widened approach towards every employment you seek. You never know, you might as well end up staying there for quite longer than you have actually planned; so, keep an open mind and take in whatever is showered upon you.

What to include in an accounting resume?

State your strengths as key skills using bullets for highlighting. Include about 5-6 points, mentioning only the most significant ones. The quality of your career objective and the key skills section will determine his interest in your application. So, make sure you cut down on commonplace skills that are generic in nature; be specific, be brief. This will keep the recruiter glued to your resume, and by the time he takes a glance at your employment history, he will have already formed a good picture of your profile in his mind.

Pick the most important aspects of your previous employment and list them as job descriptions, holding utmost relevance to the employer's needs. You need to make sure that your interests are directed towards the employer's needs; it's because this fact that contacting the employer beforehand to discuss his needs is being considered as a beneficial practice. Arrange the information pertaining to your previous employment in reverse chronological order with the most recent ones on top. Following your professional qualification, you move on to the education section. Here, all you need to do is include the name of your degree, the name of the institution/university, it's location, the year when you completed the course, and the grades obtained (optional). A bit of psycho analysis here and there is sure to help you in preparing a highly effective resume that will only speak your positives. See below for a free sample of an accounting resume provided for your reference.

Accounting Resume Sample (No Clear Career Path)

Will A. Richards
1571 Poplar Chase Lane
Boise, ID 83702
(208) 388-9402

Career Objective:

Seeking an opportunity to acquire core knowledge in the field of accounting and channelize the developing skills properly to deliver potential outcome, aimed at improving the accuracy and quality of the accounts department, thus bringing in desired changes to the organization's system.

Key Skills:

  • Highly accurate in the interpretation and analysis of mathematical and statistical data
  • Essential budgeting knowledge (self-learned)
  • Highly proficient in written and verbal communication
  • Good exposure to variance analysis and revenue forecasting
  • Highly self-motivated, goal-centered

Employment History:

Employer: Wilbur & Co - Meridian, ID
Designation: Asst. Manager - Administration
May 2010 till present

Job Description:

  • Ensure the quality of administrative support provided
  • Review and maintenance of documentation pertaining to the company's production, marketing, sales, budget, and expenditure
  • Monitor and track the performance of the administration team; accordingly rate them during performance appraisals
  • Scheduling internal corporate meetings, making travel arrangements for in-house employees
  • Ensure the communication of operational data throughout the organization

Employer: Belkinski Corp - Nampa, ID
Designation: Head Receptionist
Sep 2008 till Feb 2010

Job Description:

  • Deliver high-quality employee and customer service
  • Maintain a database for client requests and assist them with their inquiries
  • Coordinate with the office manager to resolve any maintenance issues
  • Conduct irregular security checks and report any issues
  • Coordinate the office manager in the preparation of the conference rooms for meetings or corporate workshops
  • Maintain the readings of the biometric system for monitoring the employees' attendance

Academic Qualification:

Bachelor of Commerce
Idaho State University, ID


Available upon request

Do not copy-paste the entire contents of the above sample accounting resume; customize it in order to give your resume a personal appeal. Preparing a generic resume will only mean disqualification. Browse the website for free resume templates and cover letter samples.

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